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What is On Code and Off Code Behavior?
Blacktegrity TV
20 Views · 1 year ago

Our language of racial loyalty must no longer be in wait for #WhiteAllies (or #PeopleOfColor) to stand with us. Black people are more than sufficient in number and our own cultural diversity within the race is talented enough to solve our own problems.


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Black Voices from the 1950's & 60's talking about the Race Problem
Blacktegrity TV
27 Views · 1 year ago

If they didn't want us to be #seperated but equal, then what makes you think that they'd want us to be #integrated and equal?

The Cult of Farrakhan believes the Coronavirus is Farrakhan's Personal Weapon
Blacktegrity TV
27 Views · 1 year ago

From Farrakhan's most recent July 4th, 2020 address.

- Farrakhan can supposedly wish death on president Trump at any time, but he's reserving the right to not do so.

- Farrakhan instead asked Allah to make the state of Florida the epicenter of the Coronavirus, that was apparently his doing.

- Allah supposedly told Farrakhan that the #Coronavirus is a divine plague of biblical proportion and not a creation of either America or China.

- Farrakhan who can supposedly unleash divine plagues at will is still instructing his followers to wear surgical masks when they're standing on Nation of Islam property.

- Farrakhan instructed his followers to respect the American flag irrespective of the hell they've caught under it. Apparently the flag is to be respected because America has endowed the Negro with a higher education, which Farrakhan had been prone to call miseducation in the past.

- Farrakhan calls those who are a part of the LGBTQ Agenda his brothers and sisters, and he's convinced that his God can save them.

- #Farrakhan excuses racial miscegenation because the Messiah he believes in is also Biracial.


They Want to Kill Us, but They want to Make Money in the Process
Blacktegrity TV
24 Views · 1 year ago

We haven't really wanted to #deplatform white supremacy, all we've really wanted; is to try and find a way to live comfortably in the zoo.

We could have withdrawn our participation from platforms like YouTube a long time ago, and decided to join platforms like - but the fact that we do not take simple measures like that, is what makes me know that we are not prepared for the fallout that may come after the #defundthepolice movement.

We haven't ever really talked as a community, about how we should be policing ourselves against the criminality that is being funded by outside forces in our community. We have not properly gone to war against those illicit elements because we have literally done nothing but try to integrate for the last 50 years. The housing authority instituted redlining which adequately kept blacks disenfranchised and rendered the black working cl**** incapable of bequeathing wealth to their children. The same children who today are largely unaware of how #SystemicRacism has worked.


Marc Lamont Hill Used The 1 Drop Rule to defend the LGBTQ Agenda
Blacktegrity TV
20 Views · 1 year ago

Militant integrationists like Marc Lamont Hill (seen wearing a Harriet Tubman hoody), often like to be seen doing battle with the Negropeans who are often seen as our uncle toms ( like #CandaceOwens ), but they're every bit as dangerous if not more sinister than the folks they're always trying to defeat.

Marc might come across like he's trying to fight for "black only spaces" but its evident that he'd also be ok with those spaces being integrated. The ultimate aim for integrationists like Marc Lamont is the idea that America's #1DropRule is an example of a standard that Africans are not adopting as their standard for what blackness is.

Marc Lamont tries to use that American social construct which has been a degradation of what it means to be an African, as a defense for the LGBTQ Agenda; when he says that "light skin blacks" in America wouldn't be considered black in countries like Ghana and Sudan, the same way a trans-woman isn't being seen as a woman in America.

Should the African continent, particularly Sub Saharan Africa be adopting the way blacks in America have acclimated to the #OneDropRule, as a rationale for why we should also be accepting of trans-women as real women?


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Former Assistant Attorney General Roger Wilkins Vs Candace Owens
Blacktegrity TV
47 Views · 1 year ago

#BlackLiberals want black people to be perpetual victims forever because the civil rights movement has become a civil rights industry.

#BlackConservatives reduce all of black people's problems to it being a culture problem (a lack of values), but they'll never admit that it's Americanization itself that is the cultural cancer.

In the malaise of this mess, white America is doing EXACTLY what the Honorable Marcus Garvey said they would do, they are becoming more and more isolationist, and the Negropean STILL can't see that an isolation of our own is what's needed also.

68% of the tonnage that's distributed throughout the country (that your black officials didn't have the sense to invest in or build for their own) is being held hostage by what is mainly America's white truck drivers. Can y'all see the writing on the wall or nah?

We've got Afropeans (fake black nationalists and performance activists) who think they're going to Dashiki Harlem Shake their way out of the condition that were in, with some healing crystals and sage. Some of them think that they're going to meditate their way into the 4th dimension so they can meet all of their celestial white friends in space "who won't see race" until "the next incarnation" when they receive another body lol. This is how chicken shit we've become as a community now.

#CandaceOwens is being juxtoposed in this video to the personal eye witness account of professor #RogerWilkins, so our viewers can see for themselves a proper contrast that can illustrate just how ridiculous Candace's accounting of #BlackHistory in America is.


"Defund the Police" might just be what the Technocrats want
Blacktegrity TV
26 Views · 1 year ago

We have a lot of bad leadership in the black community and they're never specific enough about what they want. All they do is make vague demands that aren't well thought out. The George Soros Funded #BlackLivesMatter movement is crying for the divestment of police but white supremacy has been planning for the replacement of humanoid police for decades. If BLM gets what it wants, the alternative won't be any prettier.

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The Negropean Blocks their Hate of Evil, the Afropean Hates Evil BUT doesn't Destroy it
Blacktegrity TV
54 Views · 1 year ago

No matter what specimen you examine, it's all cowardice and we've all been taught to desire an ever "elusive equality" and to cry for apologies, instead of wanting rightious revenge.

The Melting Pot of America is a Myth
Blacktegrity TV
39 Views · 1 year ago

What should the process of Re-afrikanization look like, and why is a connection to a land base so important? Our organization will delve into these subjects and much much more...

Anti-Reparations Activists like Coleman Hughes Don't Exist in the Jewish Community
Blacktegrity TV
41 Views · 1 year ago

#ColemanHughes burst into the National spotlight when he testified before a U.S. House Judiciary subcommittee at a hearing on reparations for slavery, arguing against the campaign that wanted to consider restitution for a black community that has NEVER recieved any.

He argued that "If we were to pay reparations today, we would only divide the country further (which means such a motion in his view would "anger whites"), making it harder to build "the political coalitions" required to solve the problems facing black people today." Which is an old argument taken right out of Bayard Rustin's debate with Malcolm X.

Coleman believes that mass incarceration and high homicide rates are the main problems affecting black Americans today, and he doesn't see those issues as symptoms of the larger disease, which has always been white supremacy.

He suggested an alternate proposal of paying #reparations to black Americans who personally grew up under Jim Crow (which he knows by the day is a diminishing number, and the children of those who couldn't inherit anything from those parents shouldn't be allotted any restitution).

Hughes went on to say that reparations to the descendants of slaves "would insult many black Americans" and claimed they would make him and the "one-third of black Americans who polled against reparations into victims without their consent." Receiving reparations wouldn't victimize African Americans, but the policies that continue to disadvantage African Americans are victimizing not only this generation but the generations that will be affected by what isn't restored.

His more recent statements (that can be seen in this video) have turned him into the perfect talking tom, for all of the positions that are commonly held by our enemies, and there's an intellectual market for Negropeans like him.

If Black People focused on Equity & Power, Equality would solve itself
Blacktegrity TV
30 Views · 1 year ago

With enough equity and power we could provide for ourselves and produce enough for other markets, without ever being reliant on another race for what we immediately need. It will always be a mistake for any people to believe that equality can be given to them (especially when that people have been reduced to the point where a certain amount of theft may now be needed to survive among those more privileged than themselves). All is fair in love and war...isn't that what they say?

The Next Election is NOT going to be our Savior
Blacktegrity TV
15 Views · 1 year ago

We've got agent provocateurs in our neighborhoods setting fires to the places we've needed open during the Pandemic (so they won't be reopening anytime soon). Those businesses will get to claim liability insurance in what has been a 4 month economic drought, and all the Negropean has in their Arsenal is November's upcoming election? #PandemicDrones are in the sky and #ContactTracing was first described as a public health tool, but now it's being used to arrest people. The people can be identified from their eyes and eyebrows, even when they're wearing a mask and all of this tech was tested when we were being told to wear masks.

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Tariq Nasheed's FBA movement is Controlled Opposition
Blacktegrity TV
49 Views · 1 year ago

Tariq Nasheed's FBA organization is trying to be for "Foundational Black Americans" and also be anti-African, which is antithetical to the over-arching unity that Blacks/Africans everywhere in the world need. The Christianized Afropean is an easy target because they're just as damaged and self seeking for validation as the Christianized Negropean of America; whose also always overwhelmed to the point of tears, whenever one of these pale faces makes a liberal gesture/or publicity stunt.

What race of people can consider themselves strong if they don't have a strong and self sustaining continent? The only reason why the Afropean and the Negropean cape so hard for validation is because they both don't have any control over the means of production, distribution or job creation, and their cultures have been deplorably white washed. That's why they care so much about how foreigners see them.

African Captives in America could have used integration as a tool for subterfuge and espionage. If blacks in America had really wanted to destroy America; they could have already done so "from within the system" decades ago (they already occupy many meaningful strategic positions of military and commerical importance), which means that the majority of America's Negroes have never had the desire to destroy white supremacy yet (and Tariq Nasheed doesn't have that desire either, eventhough he projects himself as a tough guy).

The American Negro and the Continental Afropean wants America and Europe's finished products that are made with many of Africa's imported raw materials. Let's also not forget America's garbage foods and sporting events and jive concerts and even a fictional Wakanda is preferable to bleeding for the real thing in Africa (or America). So who are we really kidding? The Jollof Rice and the Fried Chicken and biscuits are both being supplied to the Negropean and Afropean by the same enemy system. Both the Negropean and the Afropean don't want any real smoke with White Supremacy! Sadly!

Martial Law is not a Conspiracy Theory Anymore
Blacktegrity TV
33 Views · 1 year ago

Tyranny is Here...and it might come to your front lawn, porch or vehicle. How far would you be willing to go, to protect yourself and family? Is the right to protect your own being taken away from you?

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Civil Unrest is the 2nd Wave of the Lockdown - Martial Law is on the Horizon
Blacktegrity TV
20 Views · 1 year ago

Witness the double standards of how the media chooses to cover the stories about looting, witness the contradiction between how unarmed blacks and armed whites are arrested, and witness for yourself how the civil unrest that is already upon us will be used to impose an even greater form of oppression.

BLM & Antifa are going to Activate Military Emergency Powers (2nd Wave of the Lockdown)
Blacktegrity TV
16 Views · 1 year ago

The Pandemic has already given Federal and State authorities the ability to initiate unusual and unprecedented powers, and George Soros Funded organizations like Black Lives Matter and Antifa are going to help exacerbate the already in place Lockdown that will now become even more repressive.

The system that is going to completely replace the egalitarian illusion that blacks keep integrating into is going to make the first lockdown look like a joke. They're not kidding when they talk about what's going to become "the new normal", and our problem has always been our desire to keep integrating into whatever their new normal is.


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Black Lives Matter, Antifa and the National Guard
Blacktegrity TV
26 Views · 1 year ago

- George Floyd was a swirler whose white ex-fiance is now imploring blacks to forgive the police.

- A white race soldier cop killed George Floyd.

- Black people reacted out of anger and frustration.

- The George Soros Funded #BlackLivesMatter movement were called in to protest (during phase 2 of the Lockdown).

- The enemy is sending in agent provocateurs or #Antifa to escalate clashes with the police.

- The carnage from this ripple effect is activating the #NationalGuard and the FBI to take down the legitimate leaders who are shooting back at Antifa protestors. This same game happened in Ferguson.

Officer Chauvin being Charged with 3rd Degree Murder is NOT Good Enough
Blacktegrity TV
13 Views · 1 year ago

You can "accidentally" murder someone during an act of arson or burglary, and that could still be considered 1st degree murder; but if you deliberately murder someone without a "premeditated intention", that's #3rdDegreeMurder.
#OfficerChauvin was charged with 3rd degree murder and will most likely only get 12 years in jail, and they have the nerve to think that 4 days of riots is long enough to be angry.

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Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey's Publicity Stunt
Blacktegrity TV
16 Views · 1 year ago

Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey is calling on a useless county attorney to bring about a charge in the #GeorgeFloyd case when it already should be obvious what the charge should be. County Attorney Freeman already has a history of shielding dirty cops, so mayor Jacob Frey's plea is a publicity stunt.

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The Ahmaud Arbery Parent Award
Blacktegrity TV
29 Views · 1 year ago

The cool, calm and collected response of a sane black parent who isn't handing out hugs to the criminals who kill our children. Both the mother and father of Ahmaud are solidly behind getting justice for their son.


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