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#4 Peer Reviewed: People of Neolithic Egypt are Blacks (Negroes)-Nabta Playa

14 Views· 02/06/23
In History

⁣This very expensive and important peer-reviewed data was sent to our channel by Sideeq, A. The people of Neolithic Egypt according to this data suggest similarities with 'Negroes' sub-Saharan Africans who are defined as Negroes South of the Sahara. The data also gives information on the origins and meaning of the name 'Nabta'. We evaluate maps of this Neolithic region in Egypt and examine the chronological phases from the Early, Middle, and Late to have been populated by 'Negroes' sub - Saharans. The data suggests that the religious beliefs of modern West Africans and other sub - Saharan Africans spanning to North Africa would have prehistoric megaliths, mounds, and stone circles similar to Nabta Egypt's ceremonial religious traditions. This will make for a great study.

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