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Airforce General Robert Spalding says that China's Seperatism is it's Power

Blacktegrity TV
Published on 30 Nov 2019 / In Afrikan News & Politics

Former Brigadier General Robert Spalding is making the sort of case that one might hear instead from a Steve Bannon, but it's not surprising at all that this sort of sentiment about China will become the norm for more and more White Americans in particular. Many of America's egalitarian liberals will not be able to reconcile that their "open policies" is what led to China's soft takeover of the geopolitical sphere. The Chinese evidently don't believe that "diversity is their strength" or that they'll be able to achieve a greater global form of acceptance through Western democratic ideals. On the contrary the Chinese have a policy of separatism, nepotism and isolationism in place, so that many of America's degenerate ideas do not influence China's population too severely.

It would be wise for Africa to develop a similar continental wide approach to foreigners as well.


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