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Being "Woke" is not enough, knowledge must be Organized

Blacktegrity TV
Published on 01 Oct 2019 / In Afrikan HIstory

We're in the process of creating a travel agency and touring company called 'The Taste Makers of Egypt', and it will specifically show Diasporan Africans how they can maximize their "western gained advantages" in all of the Nile Valley and Red Sea tributaries of Egypt (*while there is yet a window of opportunity available*). Unlike other tours, our organization is going to act as the plug in Egypt, and connect patrons directly to whatever industry they're interested in, and act as that patron's interpreter and advisor in all business affairs, to ensure that they're always getting the best price and the best long term situation. Egypt's manufacturing centers are pockets of closed communities that aren't normally open to many outsiders, but the proper introduction can be made and many of Egypt's high quality resources can become exports for your brand. Egypt's many luxurious secrets and lesser known locations will become places of leisure for our patrons (because we don't want our members to feel like they're being put in the same crowded spaces as other tours). Egypt's most mesmerizing African ancient sites is what we will reveal to our patrons from the diaspora because Egypt's integrated communities are of very little historical significance to the people who want a more African centered view of Egypt. All of the real estate secrets and business investment opportunities that are not available online, can become available through our network of Egyptian lawyers and political connections. Repatriating back to Kemet is completely possible and being a Canadian born Egyptian of Nubian descent makes me uniquely suitable to act as a liaison and emissary for diasporans who are interested in becoming home owners and manufacturers in Egypt.

Instagram: @TheTasteMakersOfEgypt

Email: BlacktegrityUniversity@Gmail.com


Our knowledge is being organized, take a look at our programs on patreon and assist our work.



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