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Historical Warfare Between Blacks And Native American Indians

Blacktegrity TV
Published on 29 Nov 2019 / In Education

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"Red-Brown RACISM Is Black People's FAULT -- Irritated Genie"


"Controlled Opposition: A Closer Look At The Irritated Genie"

"Controlled Opposition" BACKUP LINK:

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Knowtheledge 7 months ago

And the sad thing is that even though this type of information is out here there are still misguided black folks that talk that we aint Afrikan we aboriginal talk that they picked up from Dane Calloway, Ub Newz, 100gohead and Nigga Sanchez. Weirdos whose origins are as suspicious as the misinformation they spew. Last thing thanks for putting the ancestors in your videos. Not many people are familiar with Del Jones aka Nana Kuntu and others and they need to be reminded of these wonderful brothers and their wisdom they give us when they were alive.

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