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Peer Reviewed: ⲟⲩⲕⲁⲙⲏ - a Black (Negro) in Coptic Text, Grammar and Languages

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This is the Coptic Songs of Solomon 1:5 where the Coptic Sahidic adjective [keme:] is being used in context to describe a person with black skin. These same Coptic dialects were the key to the decipherment of Medew Neter (Ancient Egyptian) see section 3.2 "The decipherment of Ancient Egyptian", (Hock and Joseph 2009: 94). We will evaluate the Coptic dialects of Sahidic, Fayyumic, and Bohairic according to (Crum 1939: 110a) which can be observed abbreviated as “S=Sahidic Coptic, B= Bohairic Coptic, and F= Fayyumic Coptic in Crum’s dictionary. When examining the Negro-Egyptian Coptic dialects we have established cognates in form and meaning. In Coptic, the grammatical operations are also identified as all adjectives can be nouns, masculine and feminine, also plural.

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