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Peer Reviewed: Ramses III have Y haplogroup E1b1a (E1b1a main distribution is Sub Saharan Africa)

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The paper states:

"Genetic kinship analyses revealed identical haplotypes in both
mummies (table 1⇓); using the Whit Athey’s haplogroup
predictor, we determined the Y chromosomal haplogroup E1b1a.
The testing of polymorphic autosomal microsatellite loci
provided similar results in at least one allele of each marker
(table 2⇓). Although the mummy of Ramesses III’s wife Tiy
was not available for testing, the identical Y chromosomal DNA
and autosomal half allele sharing of the two male mummies
strongly suggest a father-son relationship."

Source: https://research-repository.gr....iffith.edu.au/bitstr

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