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Red-Brown RACISM Is Black People's FAULT -- Irritated Genie

Blacktegrity TV
Published on 24 Oct 2019 / In Education

There is no "black and brown unity" we have no friends.

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Knowtheledge 8 months ago

He is not the only one talking that black/brown alliance garbage. We have these weak-minded conspiracy niggas talking about the Mexicans are our distance relatives and by us exposing what these wetbacks are doing to our people in Compton and San Antonio is us picking on the weak and defenseless. These spics are weak and defenseless trying to ethnically cleanse us out of California, Florida & Texas. Methinks these conspiracy negroes believe that saying the shit they are saying is going to net them wetback coochie. It wont work and why would you want to sleep with with women that get gangbanged and trains rain on them by their own nasty ass ac/dc men?

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Blacktegrity TV
Blacktegrity TV 8 months ago

We appreciate your sane attitude to those who are our enemies. Many of us seem to be the only group holding on to delusions about our difference between these non Afrikan peoples. Because when they see us they know without a doubt that we are not one.

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