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Stevie Wonder "Some Years Ago" Slide Show

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Angela Malele
Angela Malele
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Writen by Stevie for Spike Lee's powerful, enlightening "Bamboozled,"(2000)perhaps Spike's greatest work. Stevie's harmony is haunting as his beautifully sung melody digs into the soul, the mind; finding sorrow, pain, suffering, yet knowing hope. This is one of Stevie's greatest works; in meaning, composition, performance, and passion.
This is the history of Africans in America. The slideshow is made from painful images; slavery, lynchings, damaging stereotypes, as well as images of hope from the past. Today we must deal with the pain of slavery, and its still deep wounds in our hearts. We must deal with the racism of the last 150 years and the racism of today. Knowledge of our history will make us strong. We must educate our children ourselves with the truth.
"Bamboozled" is a recommended film for all.

"Some Years Ago" Stevie Wonder, 2000

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