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Yurugu 02 - Marimba Ani Speaks

Kwadwo Tòkunbọ̀
Published on 22 Dec 2019 / In Pro Member Exclusives

Yurugu 02 - Marimba Ani Speaks with Listervelt Middleton on 'For The People' about her anthropological study into the past, present and future of the Europeanization of the planet and its effects.

:: Those people issuing orders, telling others to wake-up, criticising the sheeple while backhandedly making themselves out to be all knowing, superior, wise and already awake are sadly mistaken .. The trend of telling others to awaken is fashionable in 2011; but others have been exposing the other side for decades .. There's nothing new happening today although those who have recently become conscious of certain aspects of society are getting overly excited at their new found knowledge .. Forgive them, for they are but children.

:: Marimba Ani investigates the core of the European culture, they core that all of their actions feed back into to nurture their culture or lack thereof

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