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This is a very simple and practical way to survive earthquakes that may involve collapsing building.

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Marcus Mosiah Garvey, the greatest organizer of the 20th century, the brilliant visionary and strategist who took Pan-Africanism from theory to practice. A real-life hero, who has inspired and influenced great Black leaders for over 100 years. The magnitude of his cultural contribution is finally reaching the masses. This short documentary: Whirlwind, The Marcus Garvey Story, offers a glimpse into the man, his mission and his legacy.

"This is the best thing ever done on my father." - Dr. Julius Garvey

Support Dr. Julius Garvey's effort of exonerating his baba, Nana Garvey.

Baba Jason
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This video demostrates using the path tool as well as sharing some free resouces for graphics design.

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⁣Attorney Alton Maddox The Prison Industrial Complex

Baba Jason
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In this video, Baba Jason walks parents through uploading artwork and the basic tools you can use to create your own sprite.

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⁣One hundred years after the two-day Tulsa Massacre, one of America's most violent racial conflicts, this documentary explores the role of media during these early 20th century events and today's revived call for justice and anti-racism.

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Hear the sounds of the Abeng, well known instrument of the Jamaican Maroons. Introduction at the 285th Accompong Maroon town celebration in St Elizabeth, Jamaica.

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⁣The vigilant group which trains to face down poachers in order to save wildlife at a moment's notice.

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⁣Nna Chinweizu at the Ancestral Wall 2022

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Akili na rafiki wamemwaga chakula cha Mother Forg bahati mbaya! sasa wanatakiwa kujifunza lugha mpya: Pika! Na kumsaidia Mother Forg kupika vyakula vyote kwa ajili ya sherehe ya chura.

Karibuni Lala Land, ulimwengu wa maajabu ambapo watoto wa miaka 3-6 watafurahia kuungana na Akili! Watajifunza namba, herufi, kuchora na Kiingereza!

Subscribe kwenye channel hii kupata video bure za kujifurahisha kila wiki kutoka kwa Akili and Me! Edutainment iliyotengenezwa Afrika, kwa Afrika.

Angalia "Akili and Me":

Akili and Me ni kipindi cha elimu burudani kinachotengenezwa na Ubongo Media.

Made possible by the Human Development Innovation Fund, funded by UKAid, Grand Challenges Canada: Saving Brains

#SwahiliAlphabet #Elimu #AkiliandMe

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