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To answer a few common questions:Yes they have shade, they have a shelter right beside their water, they just choose to never use. 🙄No, the white horse is not in heat they are all geldings 😂I’ve spent most of my life researching and learning how horses communicate with each other and through their body language. In the wild, the lead stallion would ensure that his herd is always looked after, especially the young, old and pregnant ones. In times when water or food may be scarce, the leader will also ensure his herd is taken care of before he is.What Rudnik does here is a perfect display of those natural instincts. This is not just an assumption but rather an observation of their natural instincts in action. Rudnik is displaying all the characteristic traits of a leader here.The rest of the herd had already gone up for water but Rudnik noticed one of the older boys had lagged behind. This is when he goes over to push him up the hill towards the rest of the herd and the water. These exact same interactions are how stallions in the wild protect and care for their herd.Horses body language is amazing and once you learn to identify their natural instincts and how they are displayed even in domesticated horses, you will understand horses so much more!

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A baby elephant faces a tough task when it comes to a steep cliff. Luckily for it, the entire herd is behind it and helps it make its way up. 🥰 From Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana

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A lioness with a new litter of cubs was very weary of a resident male lion that was sitting close to her den. The male lion previously killed her first litter during the pride takeover, although it's highly unlikely that he would kill this new litter given that he sired the cubs, the lioness is still not taking any chances.

Filmed in Masai Mara via Naibosho conservancy

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⁣ShakaRa explores frameworks for Afrikan Centred Education

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Jamaican Funny Animated Cartoons

In this Yardie Runnings episode: Old man Connoly visits the Health Center for his annual check-up.

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Thanks to Baba Will and Baba Imhotep for making the trip down to SC. It was a great day building with you guys.

Urban Philosophy "2nd Edition" and Nommo can be purchased @ or you can inbox Baba Imhotep on Facebook for CashApp purchase option.

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Also from the UKMT Press “Tdka Kilimanjaro”


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⁣Okuninibaa Kerida McDonald is a Rastafari singer, songwriter, and Harvard graduate who has worked with UNICEF for over 20 years. She is also the mother of reggae singers Kelissa, Keznamdi, Miss Jamaica finalist Kamila, naturopathic doctor Kamani, and UN International school graduate Kadiya.Enjoy 'Throw Forward' clip from ⁣Okuninibaa Kerida McDonald providing sound advice to young parents.➡️ Tune into 'I NEVER KNEW 📻'🇲🇱Roots, Rock, Reggae Music🇲🇱Hosted By : Jr of 'I Never Knew Tv'https://www.WLOY.orgSunday 9 -11 AM ESTWednesday 8- 10 AM ESTThursday 10- Noon AM EST#parenting #ineverknewtv ineverknewtv

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A great example of the type of programming that can happen in your community to promote S.T.E.M. education.

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