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Jean Alves
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No ano de 1881, em Salvador -- BA, nasce Manuel Bernardino da Paixão. Em 1919, Bernardino iniciou-se na Nação do Kongo, pelas mãos do Muxikongo (designação das pessoas naturais do Kongo), Manuel Nkosi, sacerdote iniciado na África. Com o passar do tempo, Bernardino já muito famoso, fundou o Inzo Manzo Bandukenké (Bate-Folha), situado na Mata Escura, em Salvador, Bahia. Por volta de 1938, o primeiro filho da casa, João Correia de Mello, o João Lessenge (Lessengue), mudou-se para o Rio de Janeiro, em Anchieta, local onde o terreiro se encontra nos dias de hoje.
Este álbum, feito em parceria com diversos órgãos públicos, é um trabalho primoroso de reunião de 46 cantigas, três para cada Nkisi (leia inquice), interpretadas por Mam'etu Mabeji (mametu é a mãe de santo). Os Nkisi, na cultura bantu, correspondem aos Orixás da cultura iorubá. Essa correspondência é apenas semelhança, não são nomes diferentes para uma mesma coisa. Os Nkisi tem origens e cultos diferentes, embora muito das culturas se misture. Só para citar algumas dessas relações, umas quase idênticas, outras que só lembram de longe: Pambunjila (Exu), Nkosi (Ogum), Nzazi (Xangô), Hongolo (Oxumaré), Dandaluna (Oxum), Lembá (Oxalá).

01. 00:00 Pambunjila 1
02. 01:00 Pambunjila 2
03. 02:09 Pambunjila 3
04. 02:43 Nkosi 1
05. 03:37 Nkosi 2
06. 04:19 Nkosi 3
07. 05:23 Katendê 1
08. 06:28 Katendê 2
09. 07:34 Katendê 3
10. 08:40 Tauami 1
11. 09:10 Tauami 2
12. 09:47 Tauami 3
13. 10:30 Nzazi 1
14. 11:36 Nzazi 2
15. 12:29 Nzazi 3
16. 13:09 Unsumbu 1
17. 13:59 Unsumbu 2
18. 14:37 Unsumbu 3
19. 15:31 Kitembu 1
20. 16:35 Kitembu 2
21. 17:06 Kitembu 3
22. 17:42 Zumbá 1
23. 18:21 Zumbá 2
24. 19:03 Zumbá 3
25. 19:36 Hongolo 1
26. 20:05 Hongolo 2
27. 20:57 Hongolo 3
28. 22:10 Unzingalumbondo 1
29. 23:02 Unzingalumbondo 2
30. 23:43 Unzingalumbondo 3
31. 24:37 Kalangu 1
32. 25:18 Kalangu 2
33. 25:50 Kalangu 3
34. 26:30 Vunji 1
35. 27:25 Vunji 2
36. 28:10 Vunji 3
37. 29:26 Dandaluna 1
38. 30:00 Dandaluna 2
39. 30:49 Dandaluna 3
40. 31:18 Samba 1
41. 32:33 Samba 2
42. 33:04 Samba 3
43. 33:43 Lembá 1
44. 35:00 Lembá 2
45. 35:38 Lembá 3
46. 36:21 Nação

Kiatezua Lubanzadio Luyaluka
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⁣Divine science, as exact science, teaches us that just as the east-west movement of the sun is an illusion, evil is actually a lie. Evil is an illusion of the bodily senses. Understanding this selling allows us to overcome evil through spiritual means, through prayer.

MBwebe Ishangi
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⁣You Don't Know Black History Until You've Read 'Who IZ the Boulé?: The History of America's First Black Fraternity and the Derailment Toward Afrikan Self-Reliance'

In the spirit of Black History Month, we must not only celebrate the accomplishments of our people, but also the obstacles that's made inequality still relevant today so that we may not repeat the same mistakes.

As we trod forward for ensuing generations, this means activating your critical 3rd eye asking the most important question: “Why is it taking so long for Black people to progress?"

If we are to truly be free, there must be some internal house cleaning. What you'll find at the top of the chain is America's first Black Fraternity, Sigma Pi Phi aka the Boulé.

If you haven't read this book, YOU SHOULD! And if you've already read it, consider hearing the audiobook version or even gifting a copy for someone you know needs to know!

Why is this book so important to our history? Read here:

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⁣This very expensive and important peer-reviewed data was sent to our channel by Sideeq, A. The people of Neolithic Egypt according to this data suggest similarities with 'Negroes' sub-Saharan Africans who are defined as Negroes South of the Sahara. The data also gives information on the origins and meaning of the name 'Nabta'. We evaluate maps of this Neolithic region in Egypt and examine the chronological phases from the Early, Middle, and Late to have been populated by 'Negroes' sub - Saharans. The data suggests that the religious beliefs of modern West Africans and other sub - Saharan Africans spanning to North Africa would have prehistoric megaliths, mounds, and stone circles similar to Nabta Egypt's ceremonial religious traditions. This will make for a great study.

Ọbádélé Kambon
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Provided to YouTube by Sony Urban Music/Columbia

50 In The Clip (Explicit) · dead prez

RBG: revolutionary but gangsta

℗ 2004 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

Released on: 2004-03-30

Bass Guitar: Ed Golson
Composer, Lyricist: Clayton Gavin
Producer: Sean Cane "Sean C" for Chopp Shop/Grind Music, Inc.
Composer, Lyricist: Lavonne Alford
Co- Producer: L.V. for Grind Music, Inc.
Executive Producer: Stic, M1 and Sean C.
Executive Producer: M1
Executive Producer: Sean C.
Mixing Engineer: Brian Stanley
Mixing Engineer: Katherine Diehl
Recording Engineer: Bob Brown

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Ọbádélé Kambon
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JTEC Energy founder Dr. Lonnie Johnson and CEO Mike McQuary explain the JTEC in 5 minutes.

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Kabza De Small & Stakev - REKERE (FULL ALBUM 2023) | AMAPIANO MIX 2023 | Kabza De Small 2023 Songs


0:00 Edibles - Kabza De Small, Stakev
5:46 Groove time - Kabza De Small
13:24 Kwenzenjani - Kabza De Small
18:39 MOTHO rekere - Kabza De Small, Stakev Ft. Da Muziqal Chef
24:05 Rekere 3 - Kabza De Small, Stakev Ft. Shino Kikai
29:57 Rekere 0.2(Skepsel) - Kabza De Small, Stakev
35:21 Rekere 1 - Kabza De Small, Stakev
40:16 Rekere 0.8 - Kabza De Small, Stakev
45:56 Rekere ke chipi - Kabza De Small, Stakev
50:27 REKERE YA DUBAI - Kabza De Small, Stakev
56:29 Rekere 7 - Kabza De Small, Stakev
1:01:45 Svat Kabra - Mr-Luu de Stylist Ft. Cirtykingrsa & Drummertee924
1:05:36 Rekere 4 (Reloaded) - Kabza De Small, Stakev Ft. DJ Maphorisa
1:09:51 Rekere (Sunday Monday) - Kabza De Small, Stakev
1:14:27 Rekere futhi - Kabza De Small, Stakev
1:19:29 Rekere 0.4 - Kabza De Small, Stakev
1:25:39 Rekere 0.5 (Umkokotelo) - Kabza De Small, Stakev
1:31:46 Ululation - Kabza De Small, Stakev


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Kwadwo Tòkunbọ̀
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Dr. Anthony Dixon is a professor of African American history and expert on Black Seminole/Gullah Geechee culture and history.

Black Seminoles participated in one of the most successful slave revolts in American history. Dr. Anthony Dixon shares with us how the people who would be called during the President Andrew Jackson era "Native Indians" and "Black Indians" would combine forces in a fight for freedom that would span several decades, two wars and is considered by many as the largest slave revolt on America soil.

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