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Kwabena Ofori Osei
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CNN's Larry Madowo reports on the women accusing British Army Training Unit, Kenya (BATUK) soldiers of decades of rape, sexual violence and/or abandoning their children without consequences. They say they received no support or compensation from the UK & Kenyan governments, despite thousands of complaints.

"We call it British boys behaving badly," the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights says

Kwadwo Tòkunbọ̀
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⁣QuietWarrior Documentary S Ankh - Blacknificent Legacy Lecture

Ọbádélé Kambon
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The Universal Family Network was invited to the 2023 Abibitumi Black power Conference at Mampone, Akuapem territory, Ghana. It was filled with different scholars presenting their research on various informative topics from Health to Pan African culture.

An herbal education walk, cultural performances, cultural games with the youths in addition to various food product vendors.

You can click the link below to get the full presentation of Priestess Victorious Wanjiro’s Reproductive Health for the Pan African Family.


Ọbádélé Kambon
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Abibitumi The Black Power Conference July 7th- 9th 2023
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Ọbádélé Kambon
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⁣children away from their Fathers.

‘For Mothers who won't let Fathers see their Children,’ is an all-women’s response to Mothers as well as court systems directly affecting Father’s visitation rights and direct positive relationships with their children. Women will discuss and examine women’s role in the matter or the role they have experienced with other women to take part in this matter. More so to make a positive argument and narrative regarding the importance of having the father or man in the household and directly in the child’s life in any capacity. Women will be the primary voices in the discussion and discourse regarding this topic.

Nware Rahsaan Burge is currently a PhD candidate, an Adjunct Professor at Kean University in Union, New Jersey; Essex County College, in Newark, New Jersey; and Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn, New York. Nware is also a History and Special Education High School teacher and an Award-Winning Independent Documentary filmmaker. Nware holds a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts/Political Science from Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn, New York, a Master’s degree in Education from Brooklyn College, in Brooklyn, New York and is a PhD candidate in Humanities and Culture at Union Institute and University in Cincinnati, Ohio. Nware has taught and worked in urban public schools for more than 17 years and as a University Professor for 4 years.

Nware was born in Hackensack, New Jersey and raised in Newark, New Jersey. He lived in Brooklyn, New York for 15 years, as well as Philadelphia for 3 Years, and currently resides in his hometown of Newark, New Jersey. As a first-time filmmaker and director, Nware has created his first feature documentary film, which is in its final editing stage, entitled: DNA-Using Genealogy to Change My SLAVE Last Name. The premise of the film poses the complex and sensitive question, “Should Black people change their White last name?” The film features Dr. Gina Paige of AfricanAncestry.Com as well as New York State Senator Kevin Parker, Historian and Scholar Dr. Leonard Jeffries and other scholars who give their insight on the topic. This complex and sensitive subject matter that his documentary film is based, has qualified Nware’s film to win the Yaa Asante Waa award for Best Documentary at the Black Star International Film Festival in Accra, Ghana.

Nware Burge’s film, DNA-Using Genealogy to Change My Slave Last Name, proposes the idea that people of African descent in the Americas, specifically African Americans and Caribbean’s alike, should contemplate the idea of using DNA genealogy results to change their European surname to the name of their genetic African ethnic origin. Nware plans to use his results from his DNA genealogy test to decide on a new surname, as well as applying for dual citizenship, which he urges other African Americans to consider as possibilities.

Another aim of his documentary DNA is to enlighten others and bring to the forefront that people of African descent in the Americas have carried and passed on the legacy of chattel slavery, imperialism, and colonization, as they continue to pass on their slave master’s European surname, from generation to generation without much grievance. The film reflects love, cultural pride, and the perplexity regarding his family surname of BURGE. Nware’s film DNA, also addresses the importance of people of African descent reclaiming their cultural and original mores, norms and spiritual systems from West Africa that were lost due to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

Nware will be releasing his totally independent documentary film titled: For Mothers who won’t let Fathers see their Children (An All-Women’s Narrative), this Father’s Day, Sunday, June 16th, 2024, in which he attends to shedding light and understanding concerning general issues of Black fathers being separated from their children through a legacy of systematic governmental politics as well as the volition of mothers through parental alienation.

Nware is also in pre-production of his independent film titled: BLACK BEACHES in America – Our Maroon Societies. A film which will be centered around educating and sharing the great stories about some of the iconic Black Beaches in America that many people, never knew existed.
Overall, Nware understands the importance of history and culture as it applies to people of direct African descent and indigenous people across the world and hopes that all are inspired after viewing his films.





Kwabena Ofori Osei
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Kwabena Ofori Osei
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Kwabena Ofori Osei
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Discover the untold story behind one of the world's biggest crises. Dive deep into the Sudanese civil war, a conflict ravaging lives and dragging in major world powers. This is a crisis the world can't afford to ignore.

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Kwabena Ofori Osei
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Iran and the United Arab Emirates have been accused of violating a UN arms embargo by supplying drones to the warring sides of the Sudan civil war.

A BBC investigation has documented the Sudanese Army's use of types of Iranian drones in its war against the Rapid Support Forces (RSF). Evidence has also emerged that the RSF received modified commercial drones from the UAE.

Foreign-made drones prominently changed the course of the war on the ground since their appearance in 2023.

Sudan's armed forces have been fighting the RSF for the last 14 months.

The BBC has contacted the Sudanese army, Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Qeshm Fars Air to comment on the allegations that Iranian drones are being used in the conflict but has not had a response.

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