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50 In The Clip (Explicit) · dead prez

RBG: revolutionary but gangsta

℗ 2004 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

Released on: 2004-03-30

Bass Guitar: Ed Golson
Composer, Lyricist: Clayton Gavin
Producer: Sean Cane "Sean C" for Chopp Shop/Grind Music, Inc.
Composer, Lyricist: Lavonne Alford
Co- Producer: L.V. for Grind Music, Inc.
Executive Producer: Stic, M1 and Sean C.
Executive Producer: M1
Executive Producer: Sean C.
Mixing Engineer: Brian Stanley
Mixing Engineer: Katherine Diehl
Recording Engineer: Bob Brown

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Kabza De Small & Stakev - REKERE (FULL ALBUM 2023) | AMAPIANO MIX 2023 | Kabza De Small 2023 Songs


0:00 Edibles - Kabza De Small, Stakev
5:46 Groove time - Kabza De Small
13:24 Kwenzenjani - Kabza De Small
18:39 MOTHO rekere - Kabza De Small, Stakev Ft. Da Muziqal Chef
24:05 Rekere 3 - Kabza De Small, Stakev Ft. Shino Kikai
29:57 Rekere 0.2(Skepsel) - Kabza De Small, Stakev
35:21 Rekere 1 - Kabza De Small, Stakev
40:16 Rekere 0.8 - Kabza De Small, Stakev
45:56 Rekere ke chipi - Kabza De Small, Stakev
50:27 REKERE YA DUBAI - Kabza De Small, Stakev
56:29 Rekere 7 - Kabza De Small, Stakev
1:01:45 Svat Kabra - Mr-Luu de Stylist Ft. Cirtykingrsa & Drummertee924
1:05:36 Rekere 4 (Reloaded) - Kabza De Small, Stakev Ft. DJ Maphorisa
1:09:51 Rekere (Sunday Monday) - Kabza De Small, Stakev
1:14:27 Rekere futhi - Kabza De Small, Stakev
1:19:29 Rekere 0.4 - Kabza De Small, Stakev
1:25:39 Rekere 0.5 (Umkokotelo) - Kabza De Small, Stakev
1:31:46 Ululation - Kabza De Small, Stakev


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0:00 - Jazz (We’ve Got)
4:15 - We Can Get Down
8:35 - Bonita Applebum
12:25 - Buggin’ out
16:04 - Steve Biko (Stir It Up)
19:17 - Push It Along
24:06 - Award Tour
27:54 - Can I Kick It?
32:08 - Electric Relaxation
36:13 - 8 Million Stories
40:36 - Excursions
44:31 - Luck of Lucien
49:03 - Check the Rhime
52:41 - Midnight
57:06 - Sucka Nigga

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artist: Sunny Ade & his African Beats
song: Syncro System Movement
album: Syncro System Movement (side one)

012711 Los Angeles

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Music is the best....

1. ODOO - Overtake Don Overtake Overtake
2. CBB - Confusion Break Bones

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⁣BLACK WAX is a musical-political entertainment film produced and directed by Robert Mugge. It centers on the late African American poet-singer-songwriter Gil Scott-Heron - the man Melody Maker called "the most dangerous musician alive" and many dubbed the forefather of rap music - and his Midnight Band. The entertainment is political.

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Pre-Order "New Africa Nation" the Album now here:
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Almost 400 years since our ancestors were captured and taken into various lands outside of Africa, Africa's Fuse ODG and Jamaica's reggae icon Damian “Jr Gong” Marley have united on a mission to bring their descendants back home to where they belong mentally (Self Love), physically (Africa) and spiritually (Love) through this powerful piece of music. We present to you “Bra Fie” which translates in the Ghanaian language ‘twi’ as “Come Home”. Watch and let’s spread this to all four corners of the world…
A New Africa Revolution has began…Welcome to the New Africa Nation.

Preorder a copy of Fuse ODG’s second album entitled “New Africa Nation” and be part of a historical journey.


Lyrics Below

Bra Fie (Come Home) lyrics

Verse 1

Take the shackles off my feet
Make I go make I go
It's a battle with the beast
Take a shield here we go
Kwame Nkrumah take over
New Africa make over
Let's bow our heads and pray o Lord
Our father help us fight the war (huuuu)

Chorus (X2)

Bra fie o bra fie (Come home come home)
Bra fie na y3tw3n wo (Come home we are waiting)

Verse 2

I'm a human being in Africa
But a black man in America
African in England
Don't forget where you are from
Ghana down to Suriname
Taken from our motherland
Don't forget your mother tongue
Please don't shoot me we are one

Chorus (X4)

Bra fie o bra fie (Come home come home)
Bra fie na y3tw3n wo (Come home we are waiting)

3rd Verse

Now have a look through history's binoculars
And please don't tell me you've forgotten us
Your last children living anonymous
In a very strange land where they carried us
And it must be a natural phenomenon
How we still can remember where we coming from
Even through the brainwashing curriculum
Up through the ages and millenniums
Last 400 years has been fabulous
We've been working as slaves living ravenous
But to overdo your stay can be hazardous
Now it's time to go home thanks for having us
Please make I a promise ol' promise land
And welcome me home anytime I land
And make I feel like I belong with us
Until that day no giving up

Aayy aayy

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Putumayom é a palavra e o nome de um pássaro, a Garça. Colegas.
A coletânea de músicas que reuniu nas jornadas foi uma resposta positiva na Colômbia e em diversas nações, onde viajou em 1974, que posteriormente veio do nome do Rio Putumayo .
Em 1991, a caminho de casa de Bali , Dan Storper parou em San Francisco, Califórnia. No Golden Gate Park , ele ouviu a banda nigeriana Kotoja. Ele ficou impressionado com a música e o modo como reuniu muitas pessoas diferentes.

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