Ɔbenfoɔ Kamau Kambon: Black Liberation Philosophy

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To contribute to this most BlackPowerful project: https://www.abibitumi.com/quietwarrior

⁣Dear Kmtyw ‘Black People’,
I hope this message finds you well and in good spirits. I’m writing to share an exciting opportunity and invite you to join us in honoring the extraordinary life of Nana Kamau Kambon.
The Kambon family and Abibitumi.com are thrilled to announce the production of “Quiet Warrior: The Blacknificent Legacy of Nana Kamau Kambon,” a documentary film that will illuminate the remarkable journey of a true Solutionary and advocate for total Abibifahodie ‘Black Liberation’.
Nana Kamau Kambon’s story is one of resilience, determination, and unwavering commitment to Abibitumi ‘Black Power’ and Abibifahodie ‘Black Liberation’. Through “Quiet Warrior,” we aim to celebrate his unparalleled contributions and inspire audiences with his enduring legacy.
However, bringing this project to fruition requires support from individuals like you who share our passion for preserving history and uplifting underrepresented voices. Your contribution will directly impact the success of our endeavor, enabling us to cover essential production costs such as filming, editing, and distribution.
We offer various donation tiers, each accompanied by exclusive perks as a token of our appreciation for your generosity. Whether you choose to donate a little or a lot, every contribution counts and brings us one step closer to sharing Nana Kamau Kambon’s story with the entire Abibiwiase ‘Black world’.
Join us in honoring the Quiet Warrior whose impact reverberates through generations. Together, let’s ensure that Nana Kamau Kambon’s legacy shines brightly for all to see.
If you have any questions or would like additional information, please feel free to reach out to support@abibitumi.com.
Thank you for considering our request and for your commitment to preserving the Blacknificent legacy of Nana Kamau Kambon.
With gratitude,
The Kambon family and Abibitumi.com

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⁣The Last Black Man Standing - Dr. Kamau Kambon on George Jackson Radio
July 15, 2016

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Okuninibaa Ma'at Presents: Black African Power Lecture Series. Tomorrow at 7pm EST Master Teacher Imhotep Fatiu will be discussing what manhood means in the 21st century. Men, women and children should be in attendance. You don't want to miss this! Spread the word!STEAM PROGRAM FOR BLACK CHILDREN https://consciousingenuity.com/MANHOOD TRAINING CAMP FOR BLACK BOYShttp://asafocamp.com/THE MELTREK PROGRAM https://edanimeproductions.com/shopBEST ONLINE SCHOOL FOR BLACK CHILDREN https://www.uhuruacademy.com/ EMAIL ME:dr.maat.msu@gmail.com#drmaat #truthtopowertalkwithdrmaat #manhood #warriorhood #africanwarriors #blackmen #blackfathers #blackhusbands #blackchildren #blackkids #blackparents #blackpeople #blackfamily #morals #values #africanhistory #africancivilization #africanpeople #africanempires #blackhistory #blackpeople #blackexcellence #blackconsciousness #africanhistory

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In this episode, we consider the idea, feeling, and practice of love. But love as a concept is too embattled, as a feeling too limiting, and as a practice inadequate. Then there is the concept of ɔdɔ, which pokes at deep connection. It is one thing for a person to love the idea of you and what you can do for them; it is quite another for that person to love you for who you really and truly are. How do we know the difference and what do we do with that distinction? Stay tuned.

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⁣xmnw Conversations: Baba Kamau Kambon ft. Asantu Kweku Maroon Asare

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⁣Kamau and Mawiyah Kambon - Celebrating 46 years of Black love and marriage

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(Professor/Author/Afrikan Liberationist) Dr. Kamau Kambon

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⁣Blacknificent Books & More Commercial

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