Asantu Kweku Maroon
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I'm so excited to see the fruits of my labor in repatriating back to Ghana from the USA. I'm going to enjoy eating from my land while reflecting on when I couldn't grow food in the condo I use to live in on the beach in the US. Consult us at so we can assist you too in bearing fruits in Afrika, Ghana.

Karuga Mwangi
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⁣Grow pineapples from the store fast and easy

Ambakisye-Okang Dukuzumurenyi
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Ambakisye-Okang Dukuzumurenyi
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Ambakisye-Okang Dukuzumurenyi
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Ọbádélé Kambon
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xmnw IIIIIII: Flying through the apex of Abibitumi

Ọbádélé Kambon
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⁣HABESHA (Nana) Kweku Andoh Sustainability Institute Launch - Liati Wote
16 October 2021

Ambakisye-Okang Dukuzumurenyi
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At the city farm called Growing Power, MacArthur Genius Will Allen shows how he successfully raises crops, even fish, to feed thousands on a small patch of ground in urban Milwaukee. Allen is pioneering the field of aquaponics, raising fish along with edible plants like watercress and basil in a symbiotic system. The fish waste fertilizes the plants while the plants restore oxygen to the water.

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Ambakisye-Okang Dukuzumurenyi
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Afri Banana Products (U) Ltd is an agribusiness innovation incubator for banana sector value-chain development. The incubator aims at up-scaling innovations to improve entrepreneurial skills, marketing value chains with emphasis on capacity building for increased production, development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s), training in entrepreneurship and agribusiness at B.Sc. and M.Sc. levels, linking of research innovations to agri-business, and marketing of banana and its value added products.

Ambakisye-Okang Dukuzumurenyi
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Exploring the Sorghum Value Chain in Kenya under UniBrain.

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