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The importance of history and attention to detail

Karuga Mwangi
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Defend Right · Dezarie

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Karuga Mwangi
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⁣Reality - SOWETO reggae lyrics

Karuga Mwangi
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⁣Exposing french cameroon crime in lake nyos disaster in cahoots with israel

Karuga Mwangi
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Breaking: Nig£ria Govt. Abandoned It Citizens They Took To The Philippines. ZOOGERIA @ IT'S BEST!

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Biafra must be restored, it does not matter what anyone does or think, our great leader His Excelency Mazi Nnamdi Kanu The Great, have done what no one have been able to do for Biafrans, we must all have to support him.


Karuga Mwangi
16 Views · 6 months ago

⁣french-cameroon Paul Biya want to offer apology to Ambazonia - Asu Lucas

Karuga Mwangi
19 Views · 6 months ago

⁣Why is boko haram never touched? - Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

Karuga Mwangi
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⁣We have not reached the level of reparations - Uju Anya

"Nothing but power can compel the enemy"

Karuga Mwangi
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⁣Nana Dr. Amos Wilson Symbols & Self Esteem

Karuga Mwangi
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Karuga Mwangi
18 Views · 7 months ago

People(National) unity/U.N.I.A. - versus - nonpeople (geographical) "unity"/continentalism

Karuga Mwangi
14 Views · 7 months ago

DOWNFALL OF NOLLYWOOD??? CANALPLUS ACQUIRES ROK; https://africanews.space/break....ing-news-canal-group

In reality, "nollywood" has been a downfall from the word go!

Karuga Mwangi
32 Views · 7 months ago

⁣the ruse of individualism

Karuga Mwangi
28 Views · 7 months ago

⁣Reading Books By Black Authors & White Authors

Karuga Mwangi
23 Views · 7 months ago

⁣Religion Is A Time Warp - Nana Dr. Amos Wilson

Karuga Mwangi
26 Views · 7 months ago

⁣ The Importance Of Analyzing and Learning From History

Karuga Mwangi
22 Views · 7 months ago

⁣Nana Dr. Amos Wilson - Controlling Information

Karuga Mwangi
20 Views · 7 months ago

⁣"Riot or Revolt" - Nana Dr. Amos Wilson

Karuga Mwangi
22 Views · 7 months ago

Professor Amos N. Wilson explains why even the study of science and mathematics is political and thus requires a culturally centered approach.


Karuga Mwangi
21 Views · 8 months ago

Did you know that you can learn colours in Kikuyu? In this video we learn different colours and get to understand them in Kikuyu language. Isn't it interesting? Let's go.......

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