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Today we will explore the political application of Afrikan Identity throughout history to the present day; and the necessity of clarity in Identity as a foundation Afrikan problem solving and visionary nation building. This presentation also serves as a challenge to the present day attempts to negate the concept of Afrikan Identity; and/or neutralise its political application & power potential.


00:00 - Words from the Elders & Ancestors
14:08 - Introduction
20:51 - Defining Terms
49:22 - PART1

53:01 - How Colonialism redefined Afrikan Historical Consciousness
1:05:29 - The Indecencies of "Tribe"
1:12:40 - How the Coloniser disrupted Afrikan Social Order
1:17:02 - Did Afrikans Organise Nations Beyond "Tribe"

1:22:58 - PART 2

1:26:21 - Defining Liberation
1:32:40 - Historical Consciousness IS Political
1:38:39 - The FACT of Afrikan Cultural Unity
1:50:59 - Why we emphasise Afrikan Identity as POLITICAL
2:14:32 - Afrikan Identity, Nationhood & the Rejection of the Coloniser
2:19:38 - Nkrumah & Lumumba - Examples from the Afrikan Continent
2:30:11 - Omowale Malcolm X & Afrikan Identity
2:26:21 - Afrikan Identity as a Threat to Western Imperialism
2:41:18 - Afrikan Identity in the 21st Century - Continent & Diaspora
2:54:26 - Universal Afrikan Nationalism
3:01:46 - Interaction with the chat

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African countries need to localize their data rather than being dependent on the west . Watch the video to know more

Kwadwo Tòkunbọ̀
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This video discusses data from a peer review/book review from Leiden University of Christopher Ehret's Proto Afro-Asiatic, and that it would be 'UNREALISTIC' to view it as being 'CORRECT'. The problematic issues and limitations of this fanciful language phylum are well established in historical linguistic training.

Omubo Duabo
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Listen powerful reasoning from Mutabaruka explaining how European political and religious ideologies cannot help in the liberation of African people.

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On the 108th episode of The Bald Head-N-The Dread Podcast, Jr (The Bald Head) and Autarchii (The Dread) reason about life lessons from Thomas Sankara every man should know.

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This is our series of video on the USAfricaSummit2022 specifically on the statement of Ghana's president Akufo-Addo during the bilateral meeting with U.S. Foreign Secretary Blinken. In this statement the president publicly invited the U.S. to confront Russia in Ghana in the name of protecting Ghana and the region. The link for full video

About the Channel:
Connect Africa YouTube channel is developed in the interest of closing a gap between Africans in the diaspora and Africans at home. The videos in the channel feature research based videos and interviews conducted by the host and founder of the channel, Mahlet Ayele Beyecha- Research MA, African Studies and MA in Middle Eastern Studies. The channel is created in the view of the need to create a common platform for dialogue and understanding of the dynamic of social, cultural and political issues in Africa by Africans origin and people of other race.

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Palestine and Israel is a well known issue and ongoing conflict that is well known but has been presented to the world in a sugar coated and even simplified way that hides the harsh realities of Palestinian life under Israeli occupation. Missing from the story of Palestine and the Palestinian people is the unequalness of the conflict and that Israel's creation in 1948 didn't bring peace for displaced Palestinians or the wider Middle East. It led to decades of Palestinian society being fractured through Israeli military occupation, a settler colonial state created for Jews at the expense of the indigenous Palestinians, a human rights issue often described as a religious conflict while its modern social and political problems are overlooked.

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