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Why I find the Village Life in Africa better than the Life in America || VILLAGE LIFE Uganda
Ambakisye-Okang Dukuzumurenyi
12 Views · 1 month ago

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Hello my champions, am in Kazo District in Western UGANDA 🇺🇬 ready to explore and enjoy the village life, a life free of pollution and noise.

On this trip, I and Nicholas Mirembe; the host of EATING THE AFRICAN WAY also a YouTube channel were hosted by Joan Obadiah ( a fellow content creator) to her sweet village home. Below are their channel links:

Channel link

The cow hoof Recipe || Eating the cowleg

You can also
Eco out the video when he hosted me as the cheif taster of his food below

Channel link

Why Namibia Roads Ranked The Best Roads In Africa?
Omubo Duabo
4 Views · 2 months ago

The Image of Africa has been distorted around the globe and we are changing the narratives via Youtube videos One Country At Time.Until the history of Africa is told by Africans, the story of greatness will always glorify the imperialists.!It's Time For Africans To Unite, Embrace their Culture and be Proud of their Roots & Tell Their Own Story!-AFRICA TO THE WORLD..Subscribe to unlocked the Real Africa!

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Winter solstice 2020 at Karnak Temple
Ọbádélé Kambon
11 Views · 2 months ago

Karnak Temple is the largest temple complex in the world and is aligned to the winter solstice.
On 21 December each year the sun rises through the columned causeway of the temple.
This day in 2020 also marked with a Saturn/Jupiter conjunction as we enter the first degree of the age of Aquarius.

Sun-Seeking Creatures - A Mediterranean World - The Secrets of Nature
Ambakisye-Okang Dukuzumurenyi
10 Views · 2 months ago

The Danube, one of the most remarkable rivers in Europe, contains many secrets. Not just underwater, but also along its course through Austria. In one small section of in Lower Austria the body of water has an infl uence on the surrounding landscape, which has even formed its own microclimate. One speaks of so-called "heat islands" with temperatures that reach nearly Mediterranean levels. Human beings have created a cultural landscape oriented to viticulture over a period of millennia. This is because the warm loess and clay soil promotes the flourishing of grapevines. However, not only crop plants grow there: since primeval times, flora and fauna have settled here that have no rival in Europe. They are all species that live on the slopes of the Danube mainly due to the mild temperatures, and which are often found nowhere else. This documentary follows in the tracks of the widest variety of creatures in the Mediterranean section of the Danube. Among others, the largest lizar, the largest snake in Central Europe, the western green lizard and the Aesculapian snake will be encountered; the audience is invited to take part in the family life of ground squirrels, learn that the heat islands even have their own local species of scorpion, and encounter the praying mantis, the saga pedo or the wasp spider. However, not only the animal kingdom is fascinating. Many fi eld orchids, which are threatened with extinction almost everywhere else, find a final refuge on the slopes of the Wachau Valley. The most colourful European bird, the bee-eater, still broods here in the last remaining colonies. The entire region was named a World Natural and Cultural Heritage Site in 2000.

Africa 4K - Scenic Relaxation Film
Ambakisye-Okang Dukuzumurenyi
16 Views · 2 months ago

Africa is home to some of the world's most stunning landscapes. Enjoy this 4k Scenic Relaxation film across Africa's most wild destinations. From the highlands of Ethiopia, to the plains of the Serengeti, Africa is a magical continent waiting to be explored! This is one of my favorite films we've done and I'm so excited to share it with you!

Special thanks to Skypacking for filming a lot of these incredible shots. He traveled from Cape Town to Cairo and documented his entire journey -

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0:00 - Intro
4:11 - Namibia & Egypt
5:35 - Drakensberg & Victoria Falls
6:47 - Tanzania
7:30 - Dallol, Ethiopia
8:36 - Cape Town, South Africa
9:50 - Zanzibar & Seychelles
11:54 - Kenya & Uganda
14:30 - Mauritius & Reunion
15:20 - Morocco
16:48 - Cape Town, South Africa
18:34 - Semien Mountains & Megab
19:51 - Maletsunyane Falls
20:19 - Namibia
20:46 - Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
21:22 - Tanzania
22:14 - Morocco
26:13 - Zanzibar & Seychelles
28:44 - Uganda
30:13 - Zambia & Wildlife
31:56 - Ghana & Mali
33:26 - Namibia & Cape Town
35:40 - Arusha & Dar es Salaam
37:06 - Ethiopia & Kenya
39:26 - Maasai Mara, Kenya
40:21 - Morocco
42:36 - Tanzania & S. Africa
44:36 - Across Africa
46:53 - Maasai Mara
49:39 - Outro

Thanks for watching :)

How does the MASSIVE TRAFFIC in Lagos Nigeria impact businesses? | #Transportation
Omubo Duabo
16 Views · 3 months ago

This video is about how does the massive traffic in Lagos Nigeria impact businesses. This is our transportation segment in Nigeria.

22 million people live in Lagos Nigeria. Lagos is Nigeria’s smallest state. Traffic costs the state of Lagos billions of naira. Welcome to Transportation, the segment where we break down everything in the Nigerian transportation sector.

Lagos is known for traffic. Go-slow is a way of life in Lagos.

But have you thought about the impacts of traffic on business in Lagos?

Forbes, Lagos is the 3rd worst city to drive in globally with about 60% congestion.

According to punch, Lagos residents spend 3 out of 10 years in traffic. Lagosians spend an average of seven hours 20 minutes in traffic every day.

Now what is the impact to businesses.

According to “The Socio-Economic costs of traffic congestion in Lagos” Lagosians collectively lose 3 billion hours to traffic congestions yearly, and that if that time were reduced by 20 per cent, it would save the state at least $1 billion dollars or (about N150 billion) yearly.

Traffic reduces productivity.

Think about it, Business lose because all their workers are spending time traveling to work rather than working; delaying (or missing) meetings; due to long travel time.

It is quite normal seeing road rage incidents on the road, because people are stressed. plus sitting in cars contributes negative to exposure to pollution.

There are also cases when goods get destroyed on transit due to lack of good road networks.
Security issues on the road because of traffic. Dispatcher riders (delivery men and women getting robbed).

The bad roads mess up cars. So if you are a business that errands an errand business, you are going to have an high car maintenance bill.

Why is the traffic so bad in Lagos?

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Koforidua: Little History and Facts About this Vibrant Town - Petite Histoire et Faits
Ambakisye-Okang Dukuzumurenyi
14 Views · 3 months ago

This town is well known to be the economic hub among the 17 districts that the Eastern Region of Ghana comprises. Located in the south East, the little history about this town is fascinating. I spent nearly 9 hours to get the best of this place and briefly learn its history.Elle est connue comme étant le poumon économique parmi les 17 districts qu'il y a dans le région du Sud est du Ghana. son histoire est également fascinante. J'ai passé 9h dans cette ville pour en tirer le meilleur et apprendre brièvement son histoire ! Facebook : - where the wind takes meIGWherethewindtakes_me

And here comes Turkana's Beauty
Angela Malele
13 Views · 5 months ago

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Turkana, the cradle of mankind has unexplored beauty comparable to none. Join us in this journey to explore that beauty.

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Tour Of Pan African BNB: Tanzikaya Lodge
Angela Malele
23 Views · 5 months ago

Hey ya'll!

In this video I tour my friend Jonas' Bed and Breakfast in Mbezi Beach. This was the first airbnb that I stayed when I arrived to Tanzania. It immediately felt like home and I come back here weekly to hang out and eat Tanzanian food. This is a great place to stay at when you first arrive to Tanzania, Jonas and his team will make you feel at home.




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00:00 Intro
00:40 Karibu
02:19 Meet The Owner
02:37 Tour (outside)
05:50 Generator
06:08 Tour (Inside)
06:48 Tour (Bedroom)
08:56 Tour (Continued)
10:27 Meet The Team
10:51 Advise To The Diaspora Moving to Africa
11:38 Bantu Tribes
13:10 Exciting Time To Come Home
14:20 We Are All The Same (Unite Africa)
15:05 Pan African
15:44 Full Soul Bloopers
16:16 OUTRO

Ethiopian traditional tattoo and Somali henna
Angela Malele
4 Views · 5 months ago

in different part off the world we represent beauty or body art in different way . it could be in form of painting out body , tattoo ,henna or marking our body with sharp objects . in Ethiopia we have all of this ways of decorating our body.

in the North women tattoo there make for 3 reason for beauty, religion or medical reasons.
apart from that we use diftent way of making designs with plants like in ensosela in the North and henna in the Somalia region.

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