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Ebonics as a Language Tom Seros and Matt Chang. Done as a project for a class in University

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Dr. Ernie Smith speaks with Japanese student about Nigritian Language, White privilege, Black-Anglo Saxons, Treyvon Martin.

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Dr. Ernie Smith on the science of Ebonics.

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African Cookbook · Randy Weston

African Cookbook

℗ 1972 Atlantic Records

Performance: Randy Weston
Writer: R. Weston

Auto-generated by YouTube.

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Solar energy workshop to mark launch of Lumumba African Youth Sci Prog. 30 Jun 2023

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#ishango, #ishangobone, #african, #primenumbers, #ishangoprimesieve, #civilizations, #mathematicsinafrica, #africanhistory, #withouthistory, #sankofa, #firstmathematicians, #eratosthenes, #africa

How come nobody has noticed? The markings on the Ishango bone perfectly model a sieve for the prime numbers. It is observed (for n greater than 3) that the middle column M of the bone eliminates from the sequence n = 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, numbers composed of "copies" of others, leaving behind prime numbers only. See the complete paper:
[☆N.B. A "sieve" in mathematics is an algorithm or process for picking out prime numbers from the procession of natural numbers].

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Dr. Sebi discusses natural healing on Ramona's Round Table.
LINK, Everyday Dramas In The Lives Of African Americans is produced by La-Verne Cody Gittens

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Unonkanyamba · Nduduzo Makhathini

In The Spirit Of Ntu

℗ 2022 Universal Music (Pty) Ltd South Africa

Released on: 2022-05-27

Associated Performer, Music Production, Piano, Producer: Nduduzo Makhathini
Associated Performer, Saxophone: Linda Sikhakhane
Associated Performer, Trumpet: Robin Kock
Associated Performer, Percussion: Gontse Makhene
Associated Performer, Bass Guitar: Steven de Souza
Associated Performer, Drums: Dane Paris
Composer Lyricist: Nduduzo Makhathini

Auto-generated by YouTube.

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After Hours · Dizzy Gillespie · Sonny Rollins · Sonny Stitt

Sonny Side Up

℗ 1958 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Released on: 1959-01-01

Composer Lyricist: Avery Parrish

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Mukasa is a Civil Rights legend across the globe.

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In 1959, TV Producers Mike Wallace and Louis Lomax produced a five part TV special entitled, "The Hate That Hate Produced" about the Nation of Islam. The special introduced millions of Americans to the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, and The Nation of Islam for the first time. Five years later, Malcolm X would leave the organization. In this video, we explore the reasons why.


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“The Imam’s Next Move : W. Deen Mohammed Has Moved the Black Muslims in His Ministry Toward Reconciliation With Other Races and Religions. Now, He Wants the Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan to Put Aside His Separatist Sentiments and Join Him.” Los Angeles Times, 4 Aug. 1994,

“Power, Ignorance, and Anti-Semitism: Henry Ford and His War on Jews.” Power, Ignorance, and Anti-Semitism: Henry Ford and His War on Jews, Accessed 20 Jan. 2023.

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Lester, Julius. “BLACKS, JEWS, AND FARRAKHAN.”, June 1994,


All Music by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

“Dark Walk”
“Clean Soul”
“Dirt Rhodes”
“Dreams Become Real”
“Heavy Heart”
“Over Under”

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8.17.23 Dr. Gerald Horne on Sankofa Radio WSYP 95.1 FM discussing the legacy of Marcus Garvey and Pan-African News, from Africa to the Caribbean and beyond.

#geraldhorne #marcusgarvey #sankofaradio

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⁣A Libation for #mosiah (Mosiah Opening Ceremony 2022)

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Bro. Ldr. Mbandaka engages a critical analysis of what is taking place in Niger, Burkina Faso, Guinea & Mali, as well as the proposed ECOWAS invasion o Niger.




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Natural dyes from kola nuts and indigo have been used to make tie-dye in Gambia for generations. But more and more artisans have been replacing these traditional ingredients with imported chemical dyes. Today, Musa Jaiteh is the last artisan in his town in Gambia still using only natural dyes and traditional techniques.

For more information on Musa’s fabrics, check out:

How Japan’s Rarest Vinegar Ages For 3 Years On A Field Of 52,000 Clay Pots | Still Standing
Meet Five Egyptian Artisans Keeping Their Country’s Ancient Crafts | Still Standing
How The Last Artificial Flower Factory In NYC Handcrafts Designs For Celebrities | Still Standing


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How Fabrics Made for ‘The Woman King’ Were Made in Gambia The Traditional Way | Insider Business

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Powerful Lecture on Bioelectric Cell Food
The 2012 Second Edition of Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America acclaims: ‘...the raw food movement owes much to Dr. Aris LaTham, a native of Panama, he is considered to be the father of gourmet ethical raw foods cuisine in America. He debut his raw food creations in 1979, when he started Sunfired Foods, a live food company in Harlem, New York. In the years since he has trained thousands of raw food chefs and added innumerable recipes to his repertoire.’

Dr. Airs LaTham studied at the University of Legon in Ghana, as well as New York University, and graduated from the College of Staten Island (CUNY) with a B.A. in Education and Spanish. He also completed graduate studies at California State University Fullerton, with majors in Linguistics and Bilingual Education, where he was a polyglot scholar of Kiswahili, Sanskrit, Italian, Arabic, and Ebonics. Professor LaTham taught Spanish, Kiswahili and English as a Second Language (ESL) at the secondary school level in New York City and New Jersey. He taught at California’s College of San Mateo, Fullerton Community College, and Sullivan Language Institute, Cornell University in New York and Brown University in Rhode Island. Dr. LaTham was an administrator at the Tanganyika International School in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. He also served as a Bilingual Curriculum Writer and Second Language Specialist for the San Francisco and San Bernardino Unified School Districts in California. Dr. Aris LaTham was the keynote presenter at the 2009 International Vegan Festival in Rio de Janeiro and lectured in the School of Nutrition at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Florianopolis Campus in Brazil.

In2004Dr.LaThamwashonoredasakeynotepresentertothe36t hWorldVegetarianCongressinFlorianopolis, Brazil, in 2005 at the European Vegetarian Congress in Riccione, Italy and at the 2009 International Vegan Festival in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Dr. LaTham was a featured presenter at the World VegFest in Dubai, UAE and Chennai, India in 2014.

Dr. Aris LaTham was born in Gatun, Panama Canal Zone. He is a direct descendant of an African-Caribbean family of Culinary Griots who has become a world-renowned crusader in the area of wholesome foods. His linguistic and culinary interests have been shared with many diverse people throughout Africa, Asia, the Americas, Australia, the Caribbean and Europe

Dr. LaTham, who is self-learned in the Culinary Arts and Sciences through his private ten thousand-volume library collection, is the originator of SUNFIRED CUISINE and PARADISE PIES . SUNFIRED FOODS have been featured by Black Entertainment Television (BET), the Food Network, Temple University Medical School Forum, Organic Food Producers Association of North America, Family Channel’s ‘Body by Jake’, CNBC: Alive and Wellness, ABC: Eye Witness News, CBS News, Jamaica’s CVM TV, and TVJ’s Frontline with Ian Boyne and numerous Worldwide Television and Radio Magazines. He was an Executive Chef at Hippocrates Health Institute, West Palm Beach, Florida.

Dr. Aris LaTham, ‘The Sunfired Gourmet’ , has been a vegetarian for 48 years and has eaten Sunfired Foods exclusively for the past 42 years. Dr. LaTham was voted one of the top vegetarian chefs in the USA by Vegetarian Times Magazine. He has been featured in Essence, Jamaican Eats, Vegetarian Gourmet, Health Quest, Upscale, UK’s Balance, and Japan’s Tarzan Fitness Magazines. Newspapers, including the Washington Post, Philadelphia Enquirer, Harlem’s Amsterdam News, Jamaica’s Gleaner and Observer, have reviewed the Sunfired Cuisine. Dr. LaTham was the featured chef at the Raw Food Masters Culinary Showcase at Swept Away Resort in Negril. He has served as an Executive Food Service Consultant to Island Outpost’s Strawberry Hill Resort in Irish Town, The Cave, and the Kingston Hilton Hotel in Jamaica. He is currently engaged in the training of vegetarian and raw food chefs for other major international resorts and hotels. ‘Sunfired Edible Arts’, education, nutrition, detox, catering, and consulting services are available through .


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Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America calls Dr. Aris Latham “the father of gourmet ethical raw foods cuisine”. Panamanian by birth; he is recognized globally for his culinary innovations and is the creator of Sunfired Foods and the Sunfired Culinary Institute.

It was an enlightening conversation with host Annick Jackman and Dr. Aris on how to live a healthier lifestyle by addressing the food we eat so we aren't "digging our graves with our forks".

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Raymond Lewis: L.A. Legend is a critically acclaimed documentary that tells the incredible story of a basketball phenom from Watts, California who many believe was blackballed from the NBA in the'70s – and his unlikely and heartbreaking journey in becoming a hoops legend. From the playgrounds of Watts in South Central Los Angeles to record-breaking performances in high school and college, Raymond Lewis had been deemed a 'sure bet' for NBA stardom by any who saw him play basketball. So, when he was selected by the Philadelphia 76ers in the first round of the 1973 NBA draft as a college sophomore nobody was surprised. However, after an ugly contract dispute between Lewis and the 76ers and an epic on-the-court battle with the team's other first-round pick, U.S. Olympic star Doug Collins, Raymond's dream of playing professional basketball was tragically derailed. Allegations of blackballing circulated over the next decade as Lewis continued to dominate on the playground and gyms back home in Los Angeles – all while still chasing his NBA dream. In the end, many were left to wonder: "What ever happened to Raymond Lewis?" For the first time, the filmmakers of Raymond Lewis: L.A. Legend unravel this important story of how and why Lewis never played a professional game, and what that meant to Raymond, the community he came from, as well future NBA and college players. Using never-before-seen archival footage, the wild story is told from the personal and powerful perspective of those who were there, including Lewis' friends and family, former teammates and coaches, as well as basketball luminaries like Jerry Tarkanian, former L.A. Laker Michael Cooper, NCAA College Coach Lorenzo Romar, former Sixers Coach Gene Shue, former NBA General Manager Pat Williams, civil rights icon Dr. Harry Edwards, and many more. This one-of-a-kind documentary ultimately tells the story of a man who never gave up on his dream despite all the obstacles and, along the way, became an all-time basketball legend never to be forgotten.

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As part of efforts to empower the black community across the globe, the maiden edition of the Abibitumi Black Power Conference has been held at Akuapim-Mampong in the Eastern region. Founder of Abibitumi, Obenfo Obadele Kambon, says Africans need to be bold and do away with foreign way of living to understand their culture.

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