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⁣A KILLER IN THE HOUSE: Presented by Sbai Nkosi Mundari

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⁣Abibitumi@16 Years Promo Video

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This is a 2018 video, this information was updated but is still worth observing

Sudan Ndugu
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We are happy to announce the grand opening of The Lodge! This bed and breakfast accommodation is provided by Tony and Ayo at Expat Life Ghana as part of offering an all inclusive Ghana trip to folks just like them. If you're looking for one of the best places to stay in Ghana, stay at The Lodge in Tema with us!

To take advantage of Tony's early booking offer, visit

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To See the Rooms:
0:00 Announcing the Best Place to Stay in Ghana!
1:24 The King Suite (2 rooms, sleeps 4)
2:56 The Balcony Double Queen (sleeps 4)
4:58 The King Terrace (sleeps 2)
6:31 The Triple Queen (sleeps 6)
7:56 The Common Areas
8:22 Room Only and All inclusive Options
10:43 Tony's FREE NIGHT Offer!
13:20 Tony the Super Host

👉🏽 Follow our black family blog channel as we relocate from Texas to Ghana in 2020. We go beyond the return and talk about what it's like as a black family living abroad. We’ll share with you all the ins and outs of expat life with weekly check ins and monthly live events. Join this diaspora vlog and hear about Ghana living and moving overseas with your family by subscribing now. Then comment below- what do you want to know about us or about living in Ghana?


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- We use Surf Shark to get American TV and access websites that we need for work but are blocked because of the African ISP address. If you need internet access to certain sites or just like your Netflix, believe me, this is worth every penny. Use our link and get 30 days FREE!

- We use Google phone services when we travel internationally. It keeps our US phone number working and lets us stay in touch with friends, work and family.

- If you are still SAVING UP for your move, then the EMPOWER app is a MUST! It will help you keep track of expenses and start building a nest egg. They also have a ton of services too!

As far as DNA, Living DNA is super affordable (and they have regular sales) plus they offer the most detailed information for African heritage, including a breakdown of 72 distinct regions! We hope you are from West Africa!

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⁣Atebi Narh on the Heru Sculpture

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⁣March 8 2020 Debate between Ɔbenfo Ọbádélé Kambon and Alhaji Abdul Rahman Gomda

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⁣xmnw XIII: Skylight installation, solar carport installation and fence wall and step construction

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In this episode of Obehi Podcast, Dr. Talawa Adodo talks about the importance of African languages and culture. We equally talked about the diaspora and how to retain our cultural heritage.

Dr. Talawa Adodo is an Africologist and a linguist. Listen to the interview and share your thoughts in the comment section below.
#ObehiPodcast: Listen to in-depth interviews about Africa and African diaspora experiences. Obehi Podcast brings you leaders and experts from different industries to share their experiences, relating to Africa and the African diaspora. Enjoy and share with your friends!
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#Goback2Africa #blackexpat #blackrepat #africa #africanamerican #africanamericantraveler
Welcome to my channel, please enjoy my travels to Africa where I have visited to date 1 Oct 21, 13 countries and I will be on my journey to complete the 54 countries from November 2021 onward. I have plentiful of information and if you desire to visit or move to the continent, please don't hesitate for a consultation and or my International Pre-Travel guide. Please look at my video given you the information to help and assist you
I showcase Africa in my travels to include other countries. My desire is to change the narrative that the western world painted in a negative light of Africa. My channel has talks, words of wisdom, business, investing, purchase property in Africa and livestream discussions. I further show the negative impacts of America in how it continues to have a disregard for Black people. I know my channel is not for everybody whether you agree or not, but my intent is not to hurt people nor disrespect.


Visit African, African Tours, Website: *Will be up and running January 2022
Many have asked could they support my channel though I have refused until those felt lead to give. The following is how those can donate.
Cashapp: $Wigginnsrealty
PayPal: RJ and JR Realty

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⁣Empowering and Enriching Cultural Knowers-Theory and Best Practices from Abibitumi

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Provided to YouTube by Rhino Atlantic

Equinox (2017 Remaster) · John Coltrane

Trane: The Atlantic Collection

℗ 1964 Atlantic Recording Corporation for the United States and WEA International Inc. for the world outside of the United States.

Drums: Elvin Jones
Tenor Saxophone: John Coltrane
Piano: McCoy Tyner
Producer: Nesuhi Ertegun
Bass Guitar: Steve Davis
Engineer: Tom Dowd
Writer: John Coltrane

Auto-generated by YouTube.

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With all the So What uploads on YouTube being from the old CD pressings that were mastered at an incorrect speed and pitch, I decided to upload the excellent 1997/2008 remaster, which sounds lovely. About the song itself - what can I say. A classic, and pretty much THE jazz song.

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⁣Part 20: Kambon Kantanka Conversations: Financing Black Liberation and avoiding krakkka funding

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⁣Akosua's Welcome Dance for Mama Kala

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⁣Connections Between Kemet (Classical Nile Valley) and Other Afrikan Civilizations

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Efo Sela Adjei's NAFTI Class 1804 Film Screening and Afrikan Military Philosophy

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⁣xmnw IIIIIIIII: Final Plastering and Beginning of Artwork/Painting

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#BedroomColonialism #InterracialDating

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