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⁣Namibia has the third highest levels of income inequality in the world. 6% of the population own 70% of the land and here, the wounds of German Colonisation run deep. Between 1904 -1908, the Germans established concentration camps where the indigenous Herero and Nama people were interned. Up to 80% of them died in what Germany later recognised as the first genocide of the 20th Century. While the descendants of these victims, like Karvita, live in illegal settlements in constant fear of eviction, the descendants of these colonists continue to own most of the land and have no problem justifying their inheritance.

Most of Namibia’s vast natural resources are owned or controlled by foreigners. The diamond industry is dominated by DeBeers and the ruling Swapo party, widely seen as corrupt, is propped up by its historic ally: China. The construction and uranium industries are controlled by the Chinese and documents leaked in 2021 revealed that North Korea was illegally subcontracted to build the country’s State House.

Most of the country is sparsely populated, enabling nature to flourish. It’s home to one to one of the greatest wildlife populations in the world, including the only free-roaming black rhinos. But these animals are constantly threatened by the Chinese mafia while global warming is increasing desertification, threatening indigenous communities.

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⁣Emmy Award-winning journalist Peter Greenberg travels with the President of Tanzania, Samia Suluhu Hassan through her country. For an entire week, she’s the ultimate guide, showcasing the history, culture, environment, food, music -- and tells the stories of Tanzania’s hidden gems. Destinations include Zanzibar, Dar es Salaam, Mt. Kilimanjaro, and a safari adventure through the Serengeti!

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⁣Femi traces the footsteps of a French army officer, Paul Voulet, who forged a path of unspeakable barbarity across the West African state of Niger.

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⁣This Is Why African Presidents Hold On To Power And Special Tactics They Use To Retain Power
In this eye-opening video, we delve into the intricate world of African politics and uncover the reasons behind the prolonged reign of African presidents. Have you ever wondered why some African leaders seem to hold on to power indefinitely? Many people would think that it is centered around money but curiously, It isn't to an extent. We would also examine the tactics they employ to secure their positions? And perhaps most importantly, is there any room for democracy in Africa?
In this video, we mentioned an example of elections that happened back in 2016 in Gambia as an example.

In order to explore answers to these thought -provoking questions, We'll take a deep dive into examining the historical, cultural, and political factors that contribute to their prolonged reign. We'll uncover the deep-rooted issues that influence power dynamics in African nations.

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00:00 - INTRO
07:30 - Biography
19:15 - Africam youth
21:55 - What Africans are missing
28:00 - Importance of traveling
34:10 - Survivors mindset
40:05 - Life of crime
42:10 - Illegal immigrants in South Africa
46:35 - Xenophobia
53:25 - Are Africans better than Europeans
1:03:00 - Pan-African anger
1:09:40 - Land Issues, Call to action
1:15:00 - Taking action in one's life
1:17:55 - Self introspection & development
1:22:15 - Defining Pan-Africanism
1:28:00 - Breaking away from traditions
1:29:45 - Who identifies as Pan-Africanist
1:33:15 - Importance of dress codes
1:36:35 - Black governance
1:46:00 - The black family
1:50:45 - Shabaka Men of Africa
1:55:35 - Ebukhosini Solutions
2:00:20 - Art as an educational tool
2:05:45 - Men's mental health
2:11:50 - Fatherhood
2:25:55 - Dealing with baggage
2:32:20 - Finding a way forward
2:35:50 - Closing comments
2:37:25 - ENDS

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Pan Africanist, Kemi Seba burns his French passport in response to French government plans to withdraw his French nationality because he denounced France-Afrique.

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African people's true strength lies in their spirituality, not politics or education. Our connection to our authentic spiritual roots is what makes us truly powerful. Dr Uzwi Lezwe Radebe

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African Calendar breakdown, Origin Of The Zodiac

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Macrons' French Spies Resposibble Missing Weapons in Niger Related to Terrorist.Authorities in Niger have uncovered a web of espionage involving French operatives linked to the European Union Capacity Building Mission in Niger (EUCAP Sahel). The discovery, made following a meticulous investigation into seized weapons, has sent shockwaves through the region, raising questions about security protocols and international cooperation.Macrons' French Spies Responsible For Missing Weapons in Niger Related to Terrorist https://youtu.be/QmauvM-nK_s

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Africa can feed itself. Produce Food.

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Thabo Mbeki Speaking about Situation in West Africa, France in Africa. The realese of Sonko and Election in Senegal.

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Doing business in Ghana is challenging due to unthinkable circumstances. In this video, Marvin shares his story of building a multimillion-dollar company and how they are out to get him. ► Contact Marvin: https:// www.sivcrentals.com► Marvin’s IG: https://www.instagram.com/shar....k_island_gh?igsh=Z2d Consultation: https://www.rushasare.com/consulting►Contact My Company for Real Estate |Solar| Furniture| Web Design: https://www.akkadianltd.com ►Akkadian Email: info@Akkadianltd.com TIMESTAMP:00:00 Intro01:34 Getting To Know Marvin 03:04 Building A Multimillion-dollar Real Estate04:70 Surviving Extortion In Ghana16:45 Ghana Jail Experience 19:05 Fighting For My Wealth, Jet-cars and Activities on Shark Island25:57 Refusing To Fold Under Pressure & Creating Wealth In Ghana37:29 Outro►HAVE YOU

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⁣Capt. Traore Shocking Africa Leaders, He refused to be a beggar.

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The People of Africa need Foods on the table, quality education, good Health care, quality roads, clean and safe water, security and peace.

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⁣Fearless Dr Arikana WARNING Africa of being conquered again | Africa Union Women Positions

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Watch this Story about a beautiful orphan girl who had a secret she fought hard to protect. Did everyone find out or did she succeed?

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Kenya and Haiti signed a security deal on Friday intended to remove the last major obstacle to the deployment of 1,000 Kenyan police officers to the gang-ravaged Caribbean nation.

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⁣Africans Taught to forget The wisdom and guidance of Their Ancestors

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⁣PLO LUMUMBA On Revolutions in West African Countries

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