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Crazy scams by rich preachers in Africa. These poor folks throw money at these scammers regularly!
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0:00 - Resurrection!1:42 - Man Issues Cured!3:07 - See Angels!4:04 - Floating Trick Revealed!4:50 - She Vomited This?6:40 - Makin' Money7:37 - Rock Munching9:34 - Cheap ipad Trick Stuns Crowd10:34 - Cured in the name of Jesus!12:13 - Outro

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How people are fooled so easily when involved with religion. Gullibility spills over into other areas of ones life.

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So called "Cargo Cults" are a phenomena on the Melanesian islands that began in the early 1900's after the natives of the islands were exposed to foreign soldiers that flooded the pacific during World Wars 1 and 2. Are they really a cult? Or are we watching the a future main stream religion in it's infancy? Let me know what you think below!


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Cargo Cult
During the Pacific war on the coast of Papua New Guinea, the Papuans want to claim the god Cargo’s gifts by developing a new rite.

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The recommended video that can change your perception - cult - what is it?Cargo cults are a fascinating and controversial phenomenon that emerged in the Pacific islands during and after World War II. These beliefs and practices, steeped in superstition and magic, promised the delivery of modern goods and technologies to those who adopted the behaviors and beliefs of Western soldiers. However, as these cargo cults spread and evolved, they also brought about unintended negative consequences that could have disastrous effects on individual and community well-being.At the core of cargo cults is the power of belief and the allure of false hope. For people living in poverty and desperation, the promise of easy solutions to their problems can be irresistible. However, this blind faith can lead to exploitation and deception by those who seek to profit from the followers' gullibility. Additionally, the adoption of Western beliefs and behaviors can erode traditional values and cultural identity, leading to social and psychological problems.The cargo cult phenomenon also raises important questions about the impact of modernization and Western influence on indigenous cultures. While cargo cults emerged in the context of World War II, they continue to persist and evolve today in response to the forces of globalization and neo-colonialism. The clash between traditional values and Western ideologies, as well as the power dynamics involved, can lead to resistance and social engineering.Through the lens of ethnography, anthropology, sociology, and psychology, this video explores the complexities and potential dangers of cargo cults. By understanding the root causes and consequences of this phenomenon, we can better appreciate the importance of critical thinking and cultural sensitivity in navigating the changing world around us."I hope this description captures the key ideas and themes related to cargo cults and their potential negative impacts on individuals and communities, while incorporating the keywords provided.

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Christianity in Africa is a Cargo Cult

Christianity is a Cargo Cult
Islam is a Cargo Cult
Judiasm is a Cargo Cult
Religion is a Cargo Cult

Support me on Patreon me on Facebook Twitter Note on Cargo Cults and Cultural Constructions of Change lives for old; cultural transformation: Manus, 1928-1953 (1956) New Guinea Villager of melanesian nationalism AND THE VAILALA MADNESS Missionary Voyage To The Southern Pacific Ocean Performed In The Years 1796 1797 1798 In The Ship Duff 1799 around the world by Lewis de Bougainville 1766-9 and its possibilities three voyages of Captain James Cook round the world of discoveries around the world successively undertaken by Byron 1764 Wallis Carteret 1766 Cook 1768 experiences of a New Guinea resident magistrate

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Cargo Cult Summer Series

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