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Sage Lion
17 Views · 10 months ago

⁣Just some thoughts and ideas that go through my head while working on art. Part 2

Check out the art group on Abibitumi for casual art chat! 💬👇🏿

Sage Lion
24 Views · 10 months ago

Just some thoughts and ideas that go through my head while working on art. Part 1

Check out the art group on Abibitumi for casual art chat! 💬👇🏿

Sage Lion
18 Views · 10 months ago

Just scrolling through the many layers of a piece of artwork that create the final image. It's always a bit of a mess, haha! 🌀

Sage Lion
27 Views · 2 years ago

Just me having fun playing along to 'Nterini' by Malian artist, Fatoumata Diawara, on my 3-stringed "strumstick".
I love this woman's music! ⁣Gotta do the things that keep you smiling :)

Sage Lion
14 Views · 3 years ago

Just your average early morning jam session at Grandma's house in northern Namibia.
My brothers decided to crash the party!

Omungwelume village, Ohaqngwena region, Namibia
Language: Oshikwanyama/Kwanyama


Sage Lion
46 Views · 3 years ago

Afrika is home and I need to be there soon.

I will be joining the RTG global community as soon as I am able and I just want to start documenting my process of repatriation to Afrika.
For myself, for others who are hoping to achieve the similar things one day, or just for future generations to see.

I didn't go back to edit the video, so if some of my thoughts seem scattered and whatnot, I just want it to be known that I am humbled by the resources that have been created by my fellow Afrikans and look forwards to networking and getting to know more people soon.

Sage Lion
27 Views · 3 years ago

Africans Arise is Track 10 off Kabaka Pyramid’s debut album “Kontraband”
Buy Now @

Featuring Akon
Produced by Damalistik
Mixed by Marc Lee
Mastered by Christopher Athens

Follow Kabaka Pyramid:

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Sage Lion
15 Views · 3 years ago

Stellar Malian actress/songstress Fatoumata Diawara performed with her band at The Sanctuary for Independent Media on April 28, 2016 and brought down the house.

Here she sings her powerful lament about the ancient city of Timbuktu, under assault by religious fundamentalists:

This is Timbuktu, my home land,
Where the children are mourning from gloom,
This is my land, Timbuktu «the Maliba»,
The land of love,
The land of warmth,
The land of dignity,
Here is my Nation…
Why are we crying?
Why are the children crying?
Why are the young crying?
Cause of unfairness,
Cause of violence,
Fearing the future…
Here is my home
Stop crying
Cause no matter what, Timbuktu will remain


Elizabeth Press
Jay Wilcox
Jill Malouf

Camera assistant: Dylan Bodnar

Sound recording: Troy Pohl
Producer/house sound: Steve Pierce
Director/switcher: Branda Miller
Post production editor: James Bohuski

John Bashengazie

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