Tata Naka
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Most African countries adopted a Eurocentric form of education at Independence. But there is a school in Kenya disrupting the colonial form of education. Children in Freedom School, the first of its kind, offers an Afrocentric system of learning. It focuses on incorporating African culture and teaching its students about their roots and history. It even teaches and examines students in their mother tongue, something that’s banned in some western-styled classrooms.
We paid a visit, and definitely give them top marks!
Click the video and tell us how highly you grade what they’re doing.

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Kwabena Ofori Osei
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Issues concerning the true origin, content, purpose, inner nature and afterlife of the universe (including humanity) have generated a lot of intellectual and emotional arguments, debates and researches for so long.

Kindly join us in our exploration journey aimed at empowering humanity to uproot all forms of ignorance and live life to the fullest in alignment with the inexorable laws of life and it's cycles.

For inquiries, sponsorship etc kindly contact us via:
Email: fapempong@gmail.com, fapempong@yahoo.com,
Call : +233271999339

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Ọbádélé Kambon
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Let's learn the Numbers 1 -10 in Twi.

Learn how to count the numbers (1-10) in Twi with exciting animals to help with the counting.

Join Nana and repeat the numbers in twi a few times until you can easily say the numbers 1-10 confidently in Twi.

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Baka Omubo
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Join us for a groundbreaking episode on Do Tha Knowledge Radio as we delve deep into the practical application of Afrikan Sovereignty through education and home life implementation. Our esteemed guest, Baba Dr. Mwalimu Baruti, is a 21st-century premier Afrikan scholar, co-founder, and co-director of Akoben Institute—an independent, Afrikan-centered homeschooling program celebrating its 21st year of dedicated service to our community.Baba Dr. Mwalimu Baruti is not just an educator but a prolific author with 35 self-published books and numerous workbooks covering a wide spectrum of topics, from manhood and chess to the Middle Passage, relationships, education, and security. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our discussion.As a former faculty member at Chicago State University and Morehouse College, Baba Dr. Baruti has played a vital role in shaping the educational landscape. For the past two decades, he has continued his mission through teaching courses, classes, and lectures online at the Akoben Institute, serving both adults and youth.In this enlightening conversation, we'll explore how Afrikan Sovereignty can be actively practiced within our homes and educational systems. Baba Dr. Mwalimu Baruti's insights and wisdom offer a roadmap for individuals and families seeking to reclaim their cultural heritage, identity, and self-determination.Tune in to gain valuable knowledge and inspiration from a true trailblazer in the field of Afrikan-centered education. This is an episode you won't want to miss!#afrikansovereignty #education #homelife #communityservice #culturalheritage