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Today's menu: Dinosaur Kale, golden potatoes, and savory detox soup

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Ladies join the Womb school to learn natural remedies that heal

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Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America calls Dr. Aris Latham “the father of gourmet ethical raw foods cuisine”. Panamanian by birth; he is recognized globally for his culinary innovations and is the creator of Sunfired Foods and the Sunfired Culinary Institute.

It was an enlightening conversation with host Annick Jackman and Dr. Aris on how to live a healthier lifestyle by addressing the food we eat so we aren't "digging our graves with our forks".

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Join the fitness challenge group
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Join the fitness challenge #showup #showdown

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In this reasoning attorney and wellness coach Keisha McDonald shares her views on why people struggle with maintaining a vegan lifestyle.

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⁣7 Reps on 220 - One step forward

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World Vegan Day is 1st November. Watch this segment and take the Healthy Living Challenge at for a chance to win money, prizes, and better health.

Ghanaians are shifting the way we think about food and more of us are becoming curious about vegan diets and how to eat more vegan foods.

What is the difference between vegan and vegetarianism
Do you have to give up the foods you love to eat vegan
What is the link between health and diet
The cedis is dropping. How does eating vegan help the Ghanaian economy?
What do the hosts David Kwaku and Apiorkor really think after tasting the food?

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⁣Chef Ama's As Above Sobolo vending launch thank you video.

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Scratching the surface of 220lbs (100kg)

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200 lbs or 90 kilos
Let's raise the bar!

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