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Abibitumi Fitness Challenge

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Dr. Andoh - 08. 2005

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In other news, remember the adorable 5-year-old kid chef Ama Kambon? You may remember her from her videos and morning show appearances where she made child-friendly meals for kids?

Well, now she's a teenager, taking on a significant project to introduce healthy food options for both kids and adults. She is hosting a healthy food-tasting dinner. And she's not going it alone. Some big names and organizations are backing her. We heard Okyeame Kwame, Kweku Andoh Baffour, and others confirmed to attend, along with media personalities like Amenyaw Debra, Kojo Pooley, and Bishop Agbey Jr. III, who also confirmed. Others invited but not yet confirmed are Ambolley and notable vegan stars in Ghana. Additionally, Nature's Therapy, a popular soap brand, and others are coming in as sponsors.

The community is really showing up for themselves, Chef Ama, and the youth.

But this isn't child's play. The admission price is definitely adult-sized.

Chef Ama said it's all for a good cause, though.

She received grants and sponsorship for activities scheduled for late 2024. The proceeds will help her organize the free vegan health festival and launch a youth entrepreneur program. She intends to help other children pursue their passions and launch a program where youth can follow in her footsteps and start businesses while they are young.

If you want to learn more about Chef Ama Kambon, support her, or attend her upcoming events, visit or find her everywhere nkwadua vegan.

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⁣children away from their Fathers.

‘For Mothers who won't let Fathers see their Children,’ is an all-women’s response to Mothers as well as court systems directly affecting Father’s visitation rights and direct positive relationships with their children. Women will discuss and examine women’s role in the matter or the role they have experienced with other women to take part in this matter. More so to make a positive argument and narrative regarding the importance of having the father or man in the household and directly in the child’s life in any capacity. Women will be the primary voices in the discussion and discourse regarding this topic.

Nware Rahsaan Burge is currently a PhD candidate, an Adjunct Professor at Kean University in Union, New Jersey; Essex County College, in Newark, New Jersey; and Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn, New York. Nware is also a History and Special Education High School teacher and an Award-Winning Independent Documentary filmmaker. Nware holds a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts/Political Science from Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn, New York, a Master’s degree in Education from Brooklyn College, in Brooklyn, New York and is a PhD candidate in Humanities and Culture at Union Institute and University in Cincinnati, Ohio. Nware has taught and worked in urban public schools for more than 17 years and as a University Professor for 4 years.

Nware was born in Hackensack, New Jersey and raised in Newark, New Jersey. He lived in Brooklyn, New York for 15 years, as well as Philadelphia for 3 Years, and currently resides in his hometown of Newark, New Jersey. As a first-time filmmaker and director, Nware has created his first feature documentary film, which is in its final editing stage, entitled: DNA-Using Genealogy to Change My SLAVE Last Name. The premise of the film poses the complex and sensitive question, “Should Black people change their White last name?” The film features Dr. Gina Paige of AfricanAncestry.Com as well as New York State Senator Kevin Parker, Historian and Scholar Dr. Leonard Jeffries and other scholars who give their insight on the topic. This complex and sensitive subject matter that his documentary film is based, has qualified Nware’s film to win the Yaa Asante Waa award for Best Documentary at the Black Star International Film Festival in Accra, Ghana.

Nware Burge’s film, DNA-Using Genealogy to Change My Slave Last Name, proposes the idea that people of African descent in the Americas, specifically African Americans and Caribbean’s alike, should contemplate the idea of using DNA genealogy results to change their European surname to the name of their genetic African ethnic origin. Nware plans to use his results from his DNA genealogy test to decide on a new surname, as well as applying for dual citizenship, which he urges other African Americans to consider as possibilities.

Another aim of his documentary DNA is to enlighten others and bring to the forefront that people of African descent in the Americas have carried and passed on the legacy of chattel slavery, imperialism, and colonization, as they continue to pass on their slave master’s European surname, from generation to generation without much grievance. The film reflects love, cultural pride, and the perplexity regarding his family surname of BURGE. Nware’s film DNA, also addresses the importance of people of African descent reclaiming their cultural and original mores, norms and spiritual systems from West Africa that were lost due to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

Nware will be releasing his totally independent documentary film titled: For Mothers who won’t let Fathers see their Children (An All-Women’s Narrative), this Father’s Day, Sunday, June 16th, 2024, in which he attends to shedding light and understanding concerning general issues of Black fathers being separated from their children through a legacy of systematic governmental politics as well as the volition of mothers through parental alienation.

Nware is also in pre-production of his independent film titled: BLACK BEACHES in America – Our Maroon Societies. A film which will be centered around educating and sharing the great stories about some of the iconic Black Beaches in America that many people, never knew existed.
Overall, Nware understands the importance of history and culture as it applies to people of direct African descent and indigenous people across the world and hopes that all are inspired after viewing his films.





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Moringa benefits are the subject today and the amazing health benefits of moringa powder. In this video, we will share with you 16 amazing health benefits of moringa you should know. Moringa has become very popular in recent years. But what are some of the moringa health benefits?

Moringa oleifera is a plant that is often called the drumstick tree, the miracle tree, the ben oil tree, or the horseradish tree. Moringa has been used for centuries due to its medicinal properties and health benefits.

Intro: 0:00
Control of diabetes: 0:47
Protects from cancer: 1:28
Helps in lowering cholesterol: 2:18
Control blood pressure: 2:42
Good for skin and hair: 3:20
Reduce inflammation: 3:54
Control stress: 4:18
Prevent Kidney stone: 4:41
Treat anemia: 5:04
Treat digestive disorders: 5:26
Treat asthma: 5:47
Good for vision: 6:24
Good for weight loss: 6:44
Good for Breastfeeding mothers: 7:09
Makes bone Healthier: 7:41
Good for Cognitive decline: 8:04

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DISCLAIMER: The information on this channel is not to replace the personalized diagnosis of a health specialist, or replace any medical treatment.
Never stop consult your doctor for the supervision of any disease, We are trying to provide perfect, valid, specific, detailed information.
We are not a licensed professional so make sure to consult your doctor in case you need it.

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The Health Benefits Of Moringa Powder.

Originally from India's Himalayan foothills, the "Miracle Tree"—moringa—has proven to be a formidable and hardy plant that has spread all over the tropical regions of the globe.

According to some sources, moringa has seven times the vitamin C of oranges, ten times the vitamin A of carrots, and twenty-five times the iron of spinach.

However, its benefits extend far beyond nutritional supplementation. Moringa's potential to support chronic disease prevention, enhance heart health, and promote skin and digestive health underscores its importance in our diets.

But do the health benefits of this magical plant that everyone seems to be raving about really exist? Well, in today's video, we will find out in detail.

The Health Benefits Of Moringa Powder

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🎥 Other Videos You Must Watch:

🔎 Sources:

⏱ Intro - 0:00
⏱ Nutrient-Rich - 01:04
⏱ Antioxidant Abundance - 02:17
⏱ Lowers Blood Sugar Levels - 04:26
⏱ Improves Cholesterol Levels - 06:27
⏱ Protects Against Arsenic Toxicity - 08:24
⏱ Enhances Brain Health - 10:19
⏱ Boosts Immunity - 12:26
⏱ Promotes Healthy Skin - 14:15
⏱ Supports Weight Loss - 16:14
⏱ Improves Digestive Health - 17:57
⏱ How do you add moringa powder to your diet? - 19:46
⏱ Smoothies - 20:06
⏱ Teas and Drinks - 20:19
⏱ Soups and Stews - 20:30
⏱ Baking - 20:47
⏱ Salad Dressings - 21:02

🎵 Music:
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✍ Summary:
Moringa powder, derived from the dried leaves of the Moringa oleifera tree, is a powerhouse of nutrients, making it one of the most nutrient-dense foods available.

According to research, individuals who perform regular physical activities need about 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight to repair their muscles. In a 100-gram dry leaf moringa powder, you get almost 27 grams of protein, making it an excellent plant source of protein.

Antioxidant Abundance

The antioxidant content in Moringa powder is impressive. For instance, it contains about 17 milligrams of vitamin C per 100 grams, a potent antioxidant that helps repair tissue, enhance iron absorption, and boost the immune system. Vitamin E, another antioxidant present in moringa powder, helps protect cell membranes against oxidative damage. Vitamin A, with its 9,620 international units per 100 grams in Moringa powder, not only supports vision and immune health but also acts as an antioxidant.

Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

Chlorogenic acid, present in significant amounts in Moringa powder, plays a pivotal role in blood sugar management. It does this by inhibiting the activity of the enzyme alpha-glucosidase, which breaks down carbohydrates into glucose in the digestive system. By slowing carbohydrate breakdown, the release of glucose into the bloodstream is moderated, preventing sudden spikes in blood sugar levels.

Moreover, chlorogenic acid enhances the sensitivity of cells to insulin, the hormone responsible for glucose uptake from the bloodstream into cells. Improved insulin sensitivity means that cells are better able to respond to insulin, thereby facilitating the removal of glucose from the blood more efficiently. This mechanism further aids in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

Improves Cholesterol Levels

Moringa powder influences cholesterol through its rich content of antioxidants, such as beta-sitosterol, a plant sterol with a structure similar to cholesterol. Beta-sitosterol competes with dietary cholesterol for absorption in the digestive system, effectively reducing the amount of cholesterol that enters the bloodstream. By limiting cholesterol absorption, moringa powder helps in lowering the total cholesterol levels, including LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol, often referred to as "bad" cholesterol due to its association with an increased risk of heart disease.

Protects Against Arsenic Toxicity
Moringa powder contains specific compounds capable of chelating, or binding, heavy metals, thereby reducing their bioavailability and facilitating their excretion from the body. Among these, compounds like flavonoids, phenolic acids, and certain proteins have been identified for their chelating properties. These substances attach to heavy metals, preventing them from interacting with other essential biological molecules and helping to safely remove them from the body.

For more information, please watch the video until the very end.

Disclaimer: Doc Healthy's videos and channel are not meant to replace professional medical advice or treatment, but rather to serve as a resource for anyone interested in health and wellness. If you are experiencing any sort of health problem, you should contact a doctor immediately.

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Full documentary! Rick encourages folks to make copies of his documentary it says so right at the start of the documentary. More info on herbalism at

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Realities Of Hidden Government Agendas.
Dr Bill Deagle MD
© 2006
Dr. Bill Deagle was a controversial medical doctor known for his work in alternative medicine and conspiracy theories. Born on February 15, 1952, in Detroit, Michigan, he completed his medical education at Dalhousie Medical School in Nova Scotia, Canada. He practiced family medicine and internal medicine in various locations before moving into the field of anti-aging and nutritional supplements.

Dr. Deagle faced significant legal and professional challenges during his career. In 2004, his medical license was suspended by the Colorado Medical Board due to concerns about his prescribing practices, which were linked to the death and hospitalization of patients [[❞]](

In the latter part of his career, Deagle focused on promoting alternative health remedies through his company NutriMedical and his radio show, the NutriMedical Report. He was known for integrating medicine and nutrition, and he maintained a following despite his controversial views [[❞]]( [[❞]](

Dr. Bill Deagle passed away on May 16, 2023, after battling double pneumonia [[❞]]( [[❞]](

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Last month I presented about what we can do to stay healthy in Kiswahili on Kiswahili Day. This was an assignment for my Kiswahili class. Here is the full presentation with sub-titles.
This not only a lesson in what we can do, but also a lesson in living the 5 Pillars of Transformation that I talked about in my previous video which got me to this point on my language learning journey.

Ama Opare is a plant-based lifestyle coach who works one-on-one with you to help you unlock your Whole & Healthy self so you can stop struggling with your diet and discover your personal recipe for success.
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Music: Kaleidoscopic Universe by Mausiki Scales. Check out his amazing music at
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Cerebral palsy (CP) is a group of disorders that affect movement and muscle tone or posture. It's caused by damage to the developing brain, often before birth. Symptoms vary widely, from mild to severe, and can include difficulty with movement, coordination, and balance. Treatment typically involves therapy and support to help manage symptoms and improve quality of life.

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