Artemisia annua - Kenya
Ambakisye-Okang Dukuzumurenyi
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Artemisia annua in Kenya: testimony of students, principals, government representatives. A low cost and sustainable way to eradicate malaria by Africans.

The Malaria Business: Big Pharma vs Natural Medicine - Artemisia afra
Ambakisye-Okang Dukuzumurenyi
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A medicinal plant called Artemisia annua (or sweet wormwood) has been used in China to treat malaria for 2,000 years and is still grown by farmers in Africa. But it's not approved by the World Health Organization and remains banned in a number of countries, including France. Malaria claims almost half a million lives each year and Africa is worst affected. In recent years, the mosquitoes that spread the disease have become increasingly resistant to insecticide.

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Artemisia: Plant behind Madagascar's purported virus cure
Ambakisye-Okang Dukuzumurenyi
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Covid-Organics, a herbal tea presented by Madagascar's President Andry Rajoelina as a remedy against the deadly Covid-19 pandemic, is made from artemisia, a green fern with an appearance similar to cannabis.

Its proponents tout it as the first effective treatment against the coronavirus. Its detractors have dismissed it as an overly hyped magic potion, at best useless, at worst dangerous.

Artemisia annua has a long history in its native China, where scientists discovered an active ingredient t…
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Ambakisye-Okang Dukuzumurenyi
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TUBANI is a Ghanaian popular dish found in the North and it’s packed with loads of protein and I bet it’s gonna be your next favorite if you try it and it’s super easy to make it. Northernghanafoodrecipe

Powdered beans
Salt petre(kanwaa)
Paprika powder
Vegetable oil ( or any of your choice)
1 large onion

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Abibifahodie - Sustainable Seeds Agriculture with Agya Cashawn of HABESHA
Ọbádélé Kambon Subscription
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⁣Abibifahodie - Sustainable Seeds Agriculture with Agya Cashawn of HABESHA

Paula Hurlock 'You Can Still Eat Healthy If You Are Struggling Financially' Pt.7
Omubo Duabo
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Pt 1

In this clip Paula Hurlock advocate and covernor of Wellness Experience Jamaica shares advice on eating healthy with a tight budget.

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Proven Reversal of mommy’s dementia.
Asantu Kweku Maroon
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They say that dementia is progressive. I say that with devotion, nutrition, exercise, ample sleep, good environment, determination and love that it can be reseved and halted. Check out the reversal and improvment. Watch till the end.

Mhenga Amos N. Wilson: Love & Afrikan [Black] Relationships [1985]
Ambakisye-Okang Dukuzumurenyi
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Amos Wilson Lectures on Types of Love, Black/Afrikan Relationships, Child Rearing, Self-Love, The Basis of Sound Relationships, Origins of Courting, Self-Knowledge, Children a Gift to Society, Community Role in Child-Rearing, Love Instinct, Death/Hate Instinct, Fear, Marriage, Intimacy, Happiness Rooted in Hatred & Fear [A MUST SEE FOR ALL AFRIKANS BEFORE ENTERING INTO AN AFRIKAN RELATIONSHIP.]

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