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Marcus Garvey is credited with coining the phrase “Black is beautiful.” During the 1920s the Pan Africanist leader adopted the term. Garvey encouraged Black women to embrace their natural hair and features. He said, “Don’t remove kinks from your hair. Remove them from your brain.” He believed that attempting to follow white Eurocentric standards of beauty denigrated the beauty of Black women. The concept of Black being beautiful waned and almost died after Garvey was deported and then with his death.
The Black is Beautiful movement was a powerful cultural and social movement that reemerged during the 1960s and 1970s. The term “Black is Beautiful,” usually evokes memories and/visions that might fill your head full of afros, blaxploitation films, Black empowerment, civil rights movements, and black fists held in the air. In 1962, a photographer, a group of models and a fashion show in Harlem would kick-start a cultural and political movement.
In late January 1962, a group of artists known as the African Jazz-Art Society & Studios staged a fashion show in Harlem that would change American culture forever.
#grandassamodels #naturally62 #blackisbeautiful

* NEW YORK POST: How A Harlem Fashion Show Started the Black is Beautiful Movement
* MUSEUM OF NEW YORK CITY: Fashion and Consciousness
* BROOKLYN PUBLIC LIBRARY: The Fashion Show That Helped Launch a Movement
* BBC: The Birth of the Black Power Movement
* NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AFRICAN AMERICAN AND CULTURE: The Emergence of Black Culture and Identity in the 60s and 70s
* CBC: Why Decades Old Black is Beautiful Movement Resonates So Strongly Today

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Watch the official music video for 'Game Changer (Dike) by Flavour.

Shot in Lagos, Nigeria by world famous director, Dammy Twitch.

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Bringing a holistic perspective to how we analyze our enemies requires we identify the psychological source of the violence and manipulation that has been inflicted upon our people.

In this video we use the myth of Lilith decode how white woman relate to others and the social, historical, sexual, and environmental attacks that have targeted Afrikan people for centuries. We talk more about this and other aspects of the white asili in our upcoming course Yurugu: Decoding the Vile Nature of the White Race -- RSVP HERE:

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Retired psychologist, former Dean of Students at the University of Nairobi, former Senior Diversity Officer at Penn State University, and former Chair of Nairobi Professional Women Association, Dr. Wanjiru Kamau, discusses the impact of the encounter between Europeans and Africans and the rise of Mau Mau. She comments on the psychological impacts of colonialism and explains how Europeans took advantage of African ubuntu and generosity to colonise. She also discusses the education of the African, the psychological aspects of the Mau Mau oaths, traditional moral and belief systems, aspects of traditional medicine, the trauma of Mau Mau war, and other topics. Dr. Kamau is also the founder of the African Immigrants and Refugees Foundation, which is based in Maryland, USA. Currently, she is a member of the Panel of Eminent Persons for the County Peer Review Mechanism of the NEPAD's Africa Peer Review Mechanism.

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You can watch the Spanish version of this documentary here: southwestern Guinea Bissau there are some islands where a very special people live, the Bissago. What is it that makes them so special? It is not the fact of living in balance and harmony with the spectacular nature that surrounds them, taking from the land or the sea only what they need to survive. Neither is their deep animistic spirituality, which marks their life with rites to acquire the knowledge of their ancestors. What makes them so special is that, in the Bissago society, the woman is the protagonist.Subscribe to the channel: us on Facebook: are the ones who decide how to manage the crops or punish the crimes, they are the priestesses of the temple, those who can communicate with the gods, the forces of nature and the spirits of the deceased. For the Bissago, the woman is feared and respected, since they consider her capable of deciding about life and death. This documentary focuses on the lives of some of the women of Eticoga, the main village on the island of Orango. Through their lives and ways of looking we will know the most outstanding and peculiar aspects of this matriarchal society so different, not only from the Western way of life, but from the rest of Africa and almost all other cultures on the planet.Original title - Queens of OrangoA film by Raúl Bueno Herrera© 2020, Licensed by 3boxmedia#documentary #women #womenempowerment #matriarchy

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It is sad that we will die for white love. This week we break down our concept called "Jackie Robinson Syndrome" or JRS. We explore the effects of black inferiority in the form of the need for white love/acceptance. Some black people believe that the things white America owns, operates, or sells are better than a black person with the same things as white people. The need for white love is real. Tune in!!

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The biggest-ever gathering of the world's people of African descent occurred in 1977. It was a special moment in African history.

Here is the story.

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Attribution: Our special thanks to Marilyn Nance, author of 'Last Day in Lagos', some of whose images were used in the making of this video.

Recommended Books by the African History Station:


''The mysteries of melanin reach back into ancient times and extend into every aspect of our universe. Melanin for long has simply been referenced as “darker skin pigmentation,” however we know the ancient Kemetic sciences prove melanin is much more. Raise your awareness and gain knowledge of self as we explore the cosmos and discover the divine relationship of melanated beings and the galaxy...''


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Listen to your favorite Bino and Fino songs here

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Our Story is a fun and educational way for children to learn Black History. To order the Our Story DVD, please visit

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The dynamic duo of Weedie Braimah & Amadou Kouyate are back with the Fanga rhythm (Funga Alafia) made famous by Dr. Pearl Primus & numerously performed by Babatunde Olatunji. Have you ever heard it played this way?!
► Check out their FREE drumming course on African Drumming:
○ Weedie Braimah Djembe Solo
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○ How to Play Djembe Solo Phrases for Konkoba Rhythm
○ How to Play the Lamban Rhythm - Djembe Pattern #1

World Beat 101 is a resource for anyone interested in rhythms and music from around the globe. You can improve your knowledge and playing skills anywhere, anytime with on-line video lessons and detailed course notes from our expert instructors. Look out for new courses and free content as we build our offerings with each new instructor that joins our team... Learn from the Best!

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Provided to YouTube by TuneCore

Mamamuso · Sona Jobarteh


℗ 2011 African Guild Records

Released on: 2011-06-16

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Orishas - Canto Para Elewa y Chango | Album A Lo Cubano


Hijo Elewa, mi santo Elewa, mi vida Elewa
Mafereo Ochún el rey de los caminos
La ley de mi destino
Rojo y negro como el tinto vino
Quien me abre los caminos con su garabato
Ica de aguardiente humo de tabaco, vestido de saco
Quien me deja ver cuando estoy opaco
Síguele los pasos, pídele salúd
Y que te aleje de los malos ratos
Pido yo la bendición pa' expresar mis sentimientos
To' lo que mi pidas, dalo por echo
No profeso, mi filosofia cuando se trata de Echún
Mafereo Ofún Elewa

Canto pa' Elewa y para Changó
Canto de verdad lo digo yo
Canto pa' Elewa y para Changó
Canto de verdad lo digo yo
Lo que digo es lo que pienso
Lo que pienso es lo que siento
Canto pa' Elewa y para Changó
Canto de verdad

Yo como un rayo digo loco lo que siento
Mi voz que ruge como el viento
Blanco e rojo represiento
Changó virtuoso gordete como un oso
Bien perezoso, jocoso, fogoso
Santa Bárbara bendita es tu Changó
Guía por el bien camino a tus hijos como yo
Dale la luz señora de virtud
Fuerza, esperanza, en ti confianza, con tu espada avanza
Mi miko e tan fuerte como el machete de Egún
Y son tan dulces como el melao de ochún
Soy un Orishas, tu boca cierra
Enviado por Oloffi para gobernar la Tierra

Canto pa' Elewa y para Changó
Canto de verdad lo digo yo
Canto pa' Elewa y para Changó
Canto de verdad lo digo yo
Lo que digo es lo que pienso
Lo que pienso es lo que siento
Canto pa' Elewa y para Changó
Canto de verdad

Donada para los Orishas
Que llevo en el corazón con amor
Pido que me den salúd e inspiración
Y también la bendición
Pido para todo aquel que tiene fé
Lo mismo que para mi tu lo ves
Para el necio y el cobarde
Que jamás estén aquí

Orishas llega con su letra del año underground
Pa'los que han sido traidores no durarán un round
Yo protegido me encuentro por la naturaleza
Y con firmeza, pa' to los buenos donaré mi inteligencia
Que el fruto de la paciencia esté en tus manos
Mucho trabajo y sufrimiento a los Orishas le ha costado
Poder estar en el lugar que se han ganado
Aunque montones de veces tropiece con ese
Que cresce desde que fallece a veces docenas de veces
Veces no merece la que acontece aunque estreses
Pa' los Orishas su boca no crece
Recordarás mi voz, antes que reces, antes que reces, reces

Canto pa' Elewa y para Changó
Canto de verdad lo digo yo
Canto pa' Elewa y para Changó
Canto de verdad lo digo yo
Lo que digo es lo que pienso
Lo que pienso es lo que siento
Canto pa' Elewa y para Changó
Canto de verdad.

Sigue a Asiel Babastro

Sigue a Orishas

Sigue a Beatriz Luengo

Sigue a Ara Malikian

Escúchalo ACÁ ▶


Mirá el video Orishas - Cuba No Se Fue de Mi (Official Music Video)
Mirá el video Orishas - Insomnio (Video Oficial)
Mirá el video Orishas - Everyday (Video Oficial)
Mirá el video Orishas - Muévelow (Official Video) ft. Madcon


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Para saber más de Orishas:

Escritores: Yotuel Omar Romero, Pablo Milanes, Hiram Riveri
Productores: Alean Inbert, Yotuel Romero
© 2020 Chancleta Records LLC

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Pre-Add 'Savage Level' Now:

Produced by: Savara
Written by: Savara
Mixed by: SoFresh
Mastered by: Mike Manitshana
Horns: Hornsphere
Recorded by: Savara, Rick Kilonzo
Studio: Snowball Industries

Everyday, everyday, everyday, everyday
We killem every day
Tufanyeje tuende aje tusemeje
Killem every day
Tuimbeje tudensi aje tujejeje
Killem every day
Tufanyeje tuende aje tusemeje
Killem every day
Tuimbeje tudensi aje tujejeje
Je je je je je je je je je

Keep grinding, keep grinding, keep grinding, stop whining, stop whining, keep grinding, keep grinding

Director: RoadmanShotIt
DOP and Drone Pilot: J. Kuria
Producer: Akisa Wangari
Co-Producer: Yvonne Endo
Styling: Brian Babu, Yvonne Endo, Ian Akech
Photography: Mwana.Ke
Location: Inkasit, Shompole Conservancy
Special Thanks to the Olkiramatian & Shompole community

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Provided to YouTube by Parkwood Entertainment/Columbia

JA ARA E · Burna Boy

The Lion King: The Gift

℗ 2019 Parkwood Entertainment LLC, under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

Released on: 2019-07-19

Composer, Lyricist, Producer: Beyoncé
Composer, Lyricist: Damini Ogulu
Producer, Recording Engineer: P2J
Unknown, Misc. Prod.: Derek Dixie
Composer, Lyricist: Richard Isong
Recording Engineer: Cecil Bernardy
Assistant Engineer: Jenna Felsenthal
Mixing Engineer: Stuart White
Assistant Engineer: John Cranfield
Mastering Engineer: Colin Leonard
Executive Producer: Beyoncé Knowles-Carter

Auto-generated by YouTube.

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Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

Master Blaster (Jammin') · Stevie Wonder

Hotter Than July

℗ 1980 Motown Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Released on: 1980-01-01

Producer, Associated Performer, Recording Arranger: Stevie Wonder
Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer, Mixer: Gary Olazabal
Composer Lyricist: Stevie Wonder

Auto-generated by YouTube.

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Writen by Stevie for Spike Lee's powerful, enlightening "Bamboozled,"(2000)perhaps Spike's greatest work. Stevie's harmony is haunting as his beautifully sung melody digs into the soul, the mind; finding sorrow, pain, suffering, yet knowing hope. This is one of Stevie's greatest works; in meaning, composition, performance, and passion.
This is the history of Africans in America. The slideshow is made from painful images; slavery, lynchings, damaging stereotypes, as well as images of hope from the past. Today we must deal with the pain of slavery, and its still deep wounds in our hearts. We must deal with the racism of the last 150 years and the racism of today. Knowledge of our history will make us strong. We must educate our children ourselves with the truth.
"Bamboozled" is a recommended film for all.

"Some Years Ago" Stevie Wonder, 2000

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Provided to YouTube by NAXOS of America

Etalon · Nahini Doumbia

Percussion and Songs from Mali

℗ 2010 ARC

Released on: 2010-02-01

Artist: Nahini Doumbia
Ensemble: Espoirs du Mali, Les
Composer: Nahini Doumbia

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Download/Stream Black America Again:

Apple Music:
Google Play:

Google Play:

More From COMMON:

Music video by Common performing Black America Again. (C) 2016 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. (ARTium Recordings)

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Talib Kweli -Africa Dream

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Provided to YouTube by Rhino

We the People Who Are Darker Than Blue · Curtis Mayfield


℗ 1970 Curtom Records, a label of Rhino Entertainment Company

Saxophone: Clifford Davis
Producer: Curtis Mayfield
Vocals: Curtis Mayfield
Assistant Engineer: Danny Turbeville
Drums: Donald Simmons
Violin: Elloit Golub
Arranger, Instruments: Gary Slabo
Woodwinds: Harold Dessent
Viola: Harold Klatz
Instruments: Harold Lepp
Trumpet: John Howell
Keyboards: John Ross
Saxophone: Leonard Druss
Trombone: Lorin Binford
Percussion: Master Henry Gibson
Guitar: Patrick Ferreri
Guitar: Phil Upchurch
Instruments: Richard Single
Arranger: Riley Hampton
Horn: Robert Lewis
Drums, Percussion: Robert Sims
Engineer: Roger Anfinson
Baritone Saxophone: Ron Kolber
Trumpet: Rudolph Stauber
Instruments: Sam Heiman
Violin: Sol Bobrob
Engineer: Tom Flye
Writer: Curtis Mayfield

Auto-generated by YouTube.

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