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This is a previously undiscovered African house, from east Kenya,. It is almost on the edge of extinction, with the tradition being preserved by one remarkable young woman, Ramadan. The tiny home, a beautiful example of organic architecture, is constructed by around twenty women builders over three days, usually just before a marriage. The house is unusually high, with a raised up bed, and this is to protect the occupants from the occasional flooding of the river Tana. All the natural materials are gathered from within a few kilometers of the village. Essentially it is a bentwood frame lashed together into a gridshell. The whole structure is strong as it is a natural parabolic dome. The area is undergoing rapid change as modern materials and electricity are being brought in, so we were very fortunate to be able to record this building before it disappears completely.

COMPETITION: We tried to count how many knots were actually used in making the building. We have a small competition. The person who is closest to our answer, within three months of the video uploading will receive one of the very last copies of my book, free of charge. Leave a comment with your number, and how you estimated it (even if it is just a random guess). As long as we can then contact you to get your address we will send you a book all about nomadic architecture. There are only about 20 left unsold and this will never again be printed.

FUNDRAISER: This high building has evolved out of a very lightweight and mobile architecture that the same tribe use in the semi-desert regions to the north. We need to raise $5,000 to return to make a full record of this building type. We are open to sponsorships, or would even take a guest with us if you will cover the costs, fancy a trip of a lifetime working on a really important research project?

You can support us via Patreon or make a donation direct through Paypal, or contact us directly if you want to discuss another way to support us - (email address is on our channel page).

MUSIC: I write all the music for our more recent videos. If you like it let me know, I know it is not perfect, but I enjoy it!

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Highly recommend visiting Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary. Great balance between comfort and wilderness. Meaning, this isn't a resort first with a tourist's safari experience. This IS a game reserve.

With no predators, a definite highlight is renting a mountain bike and cycling freely around the park. It is amazing to zip down a dirt road and come face to face with a herd of wild Kudu.

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Unreported World investigates how one influential preacher in Kenya could have led hundreds of men, women and children to their deaths. Symeon Brown tracks down the survivors and the families searching for loved ones to find out if this was mass suicide, or mass murder.

So far 429 bodies have been exhumed from graves in Shakahola forest where Pastor Paul Mackenzie’s followers are believed to have starved to death. The leader of the so-called death cult is said to have promised his followers protection from the 'coming apocalypse'. Mackenzie denies any wrongdoing.

Meanwhile another church, Rainbow Ministries, is facing a crackdown for cult-like behaviour. But where is the line between faith and extremism?

Producer/Director: Tom Besley
Series Producer: Andy Lee
Executive Producer: Ed Fraser
Production Company: Channel 4 News

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Ọbádélé Kambon
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In this presentation Dr. Kamau Rashid discusses various theories of race, with a special focus on the Chicago school of African-centered thought. He also discusses the prospects for the future of African/Black people vis-à-vis the centrality of racial subordination as an organizing principle of Western societies. This presentation was given at the 2021 Jacob H. Carruthers.

T. Y. Adodo
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The second seminar in the Curating Culture Seminar Series presented by Dr. Joseph Farquharson, Senior Lecturer at the Jamaican Language Unit, UWI, Mona.

The study of Etymology is concerned with the history and origin of words, but it can also tell us about the history and origin of the people who use the words, how they live, their life, and the direction in which they are heading. This talk looks at the African words in the Jamaican language and discusses how these words chart the history, present and future of the people who use these words.

Tata Naka
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⁣S1.E3 ∙ Reap What You Sow

Working with a Ugandan attorney, two mothers who lost their children file a lawsuit against Renee Bach and her clinic.

Tata Naka
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⁣S1.E2 ∙ Cast the First Stone
A Ugandan activist and a former missionary join forces to expose the dangers of white saviorism and shut down the charity for good.

Tata Naka
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⁣⁣Renee Bach was a young American missionary who set up a charity for malnourished children in Jinja, Uganda. But shocking allegations arose that Renee was treating the sick children herself, without any medical qualifications.

S1.E1 ∙ God Doesn't Call the Qualified, He Qualifies the Called

Disturbing allegations are made about an American missionary and her involvement in the medical care of children at her charity in Uganda.

T. Y. Adodo
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Yeza & Rory Stone Love - 'Is It Because I'm Black' [Remix] (Official Video)

Directed by Fernando Fernández Hevia
Produced by Rory Stone Love


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LYRICS (Written by Yeza)

Verse 1
Honor mi complexion with a badge pon mi chest
I'm Black without apology nuh feelings nuh suppressed
Africa the motherland, understand the richest continent
When mi ready mi a step mi nago fear no consequence
See dem a come wid dem weakness and the pretence ina frequence
Anu press button Anu weak fence
King Marcus a come wid d defence
Black star line pon d sea when we a steam lef enemies
Dem wa mi reduce my lineage to a state of misery
LK and Malcolm get shot a give speech
Look weh d civil rights country a preach
Man a get shot cah dem wa fi be free anuh fruit is a man weh a hang from a tree
Kya move get stop like clog arteries
Revolution spread like hot margarine
Cause I'm black why d border nuh free
Afi pay weh mi nav to foreign embassies.

Is it because I'm black

Verse 2

Some a dem kya come on ya
Pon d earth dem a lef pure trauma
Look wa dem do d African daughter
Gone like a thief in d night with her mother
King Leopold couldn't have a father
D mounta African man weh him slaughter
Come wid d Bible wi na take yu offer
African spiritual system mi rather
Chop mi arm n leg n teeth true mi black
Turn roun wa me be patriot
To your colonist country yu miss mi wid Dat
Think royal African a big ediot
Napoleon a gwaun like him never come squat
Pon d native land a Haiti wi call Dat
Liberty equality the French dem a chat
But them never mean the ones ina France weh did black.

Is it because I'm black

Verse 3

Rebel pon d bass line yuh know mi ago done it
Fyah ever blaze kerosene ina mi pocket
Black power nav no outage higher voltage nafi charge it
Study everything about mi history never lost it
Focus pon d victory nuh study words like forfeit
Say Ethiopians a burnt face den me a chocolate
Preservation of d melanin mi affi flaunt it
Importance of your health and lineage so seek d knowledge
History books deceiving make yu feel incompetent
Use dem hand make fashion and nuh use African thread
Denial of your origin is like a corset
Illusion of exterior with internal garbage
Original palaces and kingdoms found in Mali
Never told us Black is powerful and dem no sorry
Spare d whites, black soldiers a Frontline pon yu army
State d facts
Give them kilos of the guilt to carry

Is it because I'm black


#yeza #isitbecauseimblack #officalvideo

T. Y. Adodo
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This is the Igbo version of the Bino and Fino educational cartoon for children. In this episode Fino learns to stand up for herself as a girl in a boys world.

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