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Obenfo Obadele Kwame Kambon demonstrates Capoeira Martial Arts on Sunrise @ TV3 Studios.
Capoeira is a martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and music. It originated in the 16th century during the slave trade in Brazil, developed by African slaves as a form of self-defense disguised as a dance. Capoeira is characterized by its fluid and rhythmic movements, often performed in a circle called a "roda," accompanied by music played on traditional instruments like the berimbau, pandeiro, and atabaque. It's not just a physical practice but also carries cultural and social significance, promoting community, respect, and tradition. Today, Capoeira is practiced worldwide and is recognized as both a martial art and a cultural expression.

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#owurolojoseries#nigeriantvshows #culturalseries #africanstorytellingowuro Lojo #YorubaDrama
(MORNING DETERMINES THE DAY) is a captivating period drama starting in the 1970s. It is the story ofthe intertwined lives of three young women which converge as Amuda embarks on a journey from Ibadan to Lagos in pursuit of a university education. Her stay with Mojoyin, her former school mother, and Omoyele, (Mojoyin'ss roommate), unravels a week of unforeseen events that will shape their destinies in
ways they could never have imagined.
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Short Interviews of Baba Kamau Kambon.

Tata Naka
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⁣Emmy Award-winning journalist Peter Greenberg travels with the President of Tanzania, Samia Suluhu Hassan through her country. For an entire week, she’s the ultimate guide, showcasing the history, culture, environment, food, music -- and tells the stories of Tanzania’s hidden gems. Destinations include Zanzibar, Dar es Salaam, Mt. Kilimanjaro, and a safari adventure through the Serengeti!

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"Tell Me Who I Am" is a cartoon produced by Positive Communications Inc. It's designed to facilitate discussions and reflections on identity, self-awareness, and personal development. The cartoon features characters grappling with questions about their own identities, seeking to understand themselves better and navigate life's challenges. It may explore themes such as authenticity, self-discovery, and the impact of external influences on one's sense of self.

© 1997 Positive Communications Inc.

Ọnuọra Abụah
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Ancient Egypt (known as km.t) has been a land of intrigue for Westerners for centuries. But very few Africans know, nor have any interest in studying its culture. This is in part due to the Christianisation of the continent, which has taught them that Egypt enslaved the so-called Israelites. In actual fact, km.t has more in common with the larger African continent than it does with Europe or Asia. In steps Onuora....

Part 2 sees Onuora arrive in the once capital of the ancient kingdom, Luxor. From Hatshepsut's Temple to the view of Luxor Temple from the Nile, truly breathtaking. We learn about the veers popular 18th and 19th dynasty, exploring their achievements and rulers.

km.t: A Journey Through the Black Land, is a 4-part series covering the entire length of Egypt. Follow the documentarian Onuora Abuah as he discovers Africa.

00:00 - 01:32 Introduction
01:32 - 07:07 Hatshepsut’s Temple
07:07 - 08:23 Origin of ‘Luxor’
08:23 - 09:36 The 19th Dynasty
09:36 - 12:57 Temple of Seti I
12:57 - 17:45 Ramses The Great’s Temple
17:45 - 22:30 Cruise on the Nile River
22:30 - 25:30 Luxor Temple by Night
25:30 - 29:04 Karnak Temple
29:04 - 30:51 Winter Solstice, Obelisks
30:51 0 32:55 Outro

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Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, has spoken about the origin of the White race in various speeches and writings. He has often espoused a narrative that suggests that the White race was created through a selective breeding process by an evil scientist named Yakub, who lived 6,000 years ago. According to Farrakhan's teachings, Yakub, a Black scientist, initiated a eugenics program that led to the creation of the White race as a genetically inferior group meant to rule for a limited time before eventually being supplanted by people of color. It's important to note that these beliefs are specific to Farrakhan's teachings within the Nation of Islam.

T. Y. Adodo
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Artist: Geechee Syndicate (Tymuh & D-Bezzle)
Shot by: Adam of Fox 24 News 
Location: North Charleston, SC
2019 music video for the song, "Geechee Pride", from their 2016 album, "Geechee Pride".

Now Available for Purchase on All Digital Platforms!

S/O to Geechee Experience for this opportunity, by using their platform to show love to the Gullah/Geechee ppl around the world.

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In Mississippi, six former sheriff's deputies have been sentenced to between 10 and 40 years in prison for raiding a home and torturing, shooting and sexually abusing two Black men, Michael Jenkins and Eddie Parker, in January 2023. The six former deputies, all of whom are white, called themselves the "Goon Squad" and have been linked to at least four violent attacks on Black men since 2019. Two of the men attacked and tortured by the group subsequently died. To discuss the case and the verdict, we're joined by Eddie Parker and attorneys Malik Shabazz and Trent Walker. "Never have we seen this many police officers sentenced to this kind of time in one week," says Shabazz, who calls the verdict "historic." Jenkins, Parker and Shabazz are currently suing the Rankin County Sheriff's Department over its track record of civil rights violations and racist targeting of Black residents.

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