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Jean Alves
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No ano de 1881, em Salvador -- BA, nasce Manuel Bernardino da Paixão. Em 1919, Bernardino iniciou-se na Nação do Kongo, pelas mãos do Muxikongo (designação das pessoas naturais do Kongo), Manuel Nkosi, sacerdote iniciado na África. Com o passar do tempo, Bernardino já muito famoso, fundou o Inzo Manzo Bandukenké (Bate-Folha), situado na Mata Escura, em Salvador, Bahia. Por volta de 1938, o primeiro filho da casa, João Correia de Mello, o João Lessenge (Lessengue), mudou-se para o Rio de Janeiro, em Anchieta, local onde o terreiro se encontra nos dias de hoje.
Este álbum, feito em parceria com diversos órgãos públicos, é um trabalho primoroso de reunião de 46 cantigas, três para cada Nkisi (leia inquice), interpretadas por Mam'etu Mabeji (mametu é a mãe de santo). Os Nkisi, na cultura bantu, correspondem aos Orixás da cultura iorubá. Essa correspondência é apenas semelhança, não são nomes diferentes para uma mesma coisa. Os Nkisi tem origens e cultos diferentes, embora muito das culturas se misture. Só para citar algumas dessas relações, umas quase idênticas, outras que só lembram de longe: Pambunjila (Exu), Nkosi (Ogum), Nzazi (Xangô), Hongolo (Oxumaré), Dandaluna (Oxum), Lembá (Oxalá).

01. 00:00 Pambunjila 1
02. 01:00 Pambunjila 2
03. 02:09 Pambunjila 3
04. 02:43 Nkosi 1
05. 03:37 Nkosi 2
06. 04:19 Nkosi 3
07. 05:23 Katendê 1
08. 06:28 Katendê 2
09. 07:34 Katendê 3
10. 08:40 Tauami 1
11. 09:10 Tauami 2
12. 09:47 Tauami 3
13. 10:30 Nzazi 1
14. 11:36 Nzazi 2
15. 12:29 Nzazi 3
16. 13:09 Unsumbu 1
17. 13:59 Unsumbu 2
18. 14:37 Unsumbu 3
19. 15:31 Kitembu 1
20. 16:35 Kitembu 2
21. 17:06 Kitembu 3
22. 17:42 Zumbá 1
23. 18:21 Zumbá 2
24. 19:03 Zumbá 3
25. 19:36 Hongolo 1
26. 20:05 Hongolo 2
27. 20:57 Hongolo 3
28. 22:10 Unzingalumbondo 1
29. 23:02 Unzingalumbondo 2
30. 23:43 Unzingalumbondo 3
31. 24:37 Kalangu 1
32. 25:18 Kalangu 2
33. 25:50 Kalangu 3
34. 26:30 Vunji 1
35. 27:25 Vunji 2
36. 28:10 Vunji 3
37. 29:26 Dandaluna 1
38. 30:00 Dandaluna 2
39. 30:49 Dandaluna 3
40. 31:18 Samba 1
41. 32:33 Samba 2
42. 33:04 Samba 3
43. 33:43 Lembá 1
44. 35:00 Lembá 2
45. 35:38 Lembá 3
46. 36:21 Nação

Kwadwo Tòkunbọ̀
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This video is made about some uncontacted tribes that exist today across the world. We have shown the first contact ever made with the sentinelese tribe , toulambi tribe, mascho piro tribe, moken tribe, huaorani tribe and one of the recent tribes that were discovered in amazon. This video contains real footages of the first contact with one of the most isolated tribes in the world.

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Kwadwo Tòkunbọ̀
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Utopia: The Inhumane Treatment of Indigenous Peoples | Australia's Dark Secret | ENDEVR Documentary

Utopia is a rare and powerful insight into a secret Australia, and breaks what amounts to a national silence about the indigegous first people - the oldest, most enduring presence on Earth. Utopia reveals that apartheid is deep within Australia's past and present and that Aboriginal people are still living in abject poverty and Third World conditions, with a low life expectancy and disproportionately high rate of deaths in police custody. An epic film in it's production, scope and revelations, Utopia explors Australia's suppresed colonial past and present.
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ENDEVR explains the world we live in through high-class documentaries, special investigations, explainers videos and animations. We cover topics related to business, economics, geopolitics, social issues and everything in between that we think are interesting.

Tata Naka
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Payment card brands like VISA and Mastercards have dominated the Nigerian market so far, but not anymore. Nigeria is taking an important step to reduce its dependence on foreign payment gateways. The African country is setting an example for others to follow in the continent by launching its National Domestic Card Scheme which is set to end the dominance of VISA and Mastercard in the country. Check out the video to know more.

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The 1st clip is from a shock documentary made in the 60's called Mondo Cane, it shows a catholic mission in New Guinea. The second is from a film called Concerning Violence, footage captured by a Swiss documentary crew in Africa in the 50s/60s with extracts from Frantz Fanons "The Wretched of the Earth" being narrated by Lauryn Hill.

Asantu Kweku Maroon
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The Image of AFRICA has been DISTORTED around the WORLD & We are CHANGING the NARRATIVES via YOUTUBE videos One Country At Time.Until the HISTORY of AFRICA is told by AFRICANS, the story of GREATNESS will always GLORIFY the IMPERIALISTS!.



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Tata Naka
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Dambe battle between Mebulala & Ebola ends up with backing out from Mebulala who was actually doing so well

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The African Warriors Fighting Championship is the home of African fighting. We showcase warriors competing in exciting bouts in indigenous African styles of combat such as Dambe and wrestling.

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Tata Naka
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With accuracy and precision this warrior knocks down his opponent. The Jamus fighters has been in the loo recently. Loosing back to back

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