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⁣A group of friends who each have to navigate their own destiny, growing up on the bustling streets and neighborhood of Isale Eko, Lagos.

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⁣A cattle herder and his family who reside in the dunes of Timbuktu find their quiet lives -- which are typically free of the Jihadists determined to control their faith -- abruptly disturbed.

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⁣Meet Ousmane Sembene, the African freedom fighter who used stories as his weapon.

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I have been wanting to make this video for 4 years.

00:00 Bad Takes Montage
01:05 Why I ever became a YouTuber in the First Place
07:08 A short history of Black Panther in comics
12:30 The environment leading up to the film
28:10 Breaking down the movie's themes
59:45 The film's most inexcusable flaw
01:10:03 Reconciling the good with the bad

Thank you to L.O for guest edits
Supporting edits still from @NeedlessNick

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⁣In a troubled African village, an unusual baby is born.

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⁣A Vietnam veteran returns home to find drug dealers and addicts now rule his old neighborhood, and that even his own wife has fallen victim to drugs. Together with three of his buddies from Vietnam, he fights back.

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Brother Future movie, 1991.

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Conversation with Eliciana Nascimiento about The Summer of Gods.

Eliciana's The Summer of Gods follows Lilly, a little Afro Brazilian girl who goes with her mom to visit her grandmother. Her grandmother, a spiritual healer, teaches Lilly of the importance of her roots through stories.
The film is beautifully made and sheds positive light on African descendants practicing their ancestors' spirituality. The little girl playing Lilly is adorable, and the relationships between Lilly and her mother, Lilly and her brother, Lilly and her grandma, are so realistic... so too is the relationship between Lilly and the Orishas.

A gem for African cultural continuity, this film is a must-see for all pan-Africans, all Africans and African Diaspora seeking a clean, positive connection/reconnection to African culture, African spirituality, African religion.

You may shed some tears. But they're the reparative kind, the kind that help you emote as you consider the magnitude of the task ahead of us, only to give you renewed strength as you see that you are not alone, you exist within a continuum of which we are all part, and your efforts are validated and cemented through the space that we all inhabit with our wills, strong a rock, vast and deep as the world of Yemaya herself.

So head over to, purchase the film, enjoy it, and embrace every tear that it pulls from your soul, let it be a part of your own rebirth.

Moni Tano is a pan african perspective on topics big and small, from hair to religion, to economics and so on. It is a small effort at parsing through the highly effective program of mental colonization that we have gone through for generations. We decolonize our minds so as to better represent ourselves as defined by a truly informed and truly critical 'us.'
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Hafiz Farid's rare film that looks at the Darfur conflict through eyes of Darfur's people placing their experiences front and center without the celebrity fanfare that marked the Save Darfur Movement in the early 2000s. Darfur's experience is paralleled with the trauma and healing process of other survivors of genocide and horrific wars.

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⁣The life and career of jazz musician Ron Carter, the most recorded bassist in history, featuring original concert footage and insights from jazz icons.

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