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⁣Exposing french cameroon crime in lake nyos disaster in cahoots with israel

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The coast of Kenya has a series of impressive medieval ruins. Amongst the monuments are tombs, grand houses, mosques, and palaces. East African archaeologists date the high point of this heritage to the 13th century. The Kenyan museums contain impressive, reconstructed artefacts that animated the urban life of these lost cities.

In this lecture, Robin Walker will present this heritage and put it in its proper place as a powerful chapter in Africa's history.

A lecture by Robin Walker

The transcript and downloadable versions of the lecture are available from the Gresham College website:

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The Cornell Chronicle of Cornell University states:

That Egypt has sub-Saharan roots is largely overlooked, said a leading Egyptologist Nov. 24 at Cornell's Africana Studies and Research Center.
"Egypt always has its face away from the continent of Africa; it's either facing the Orient or the Mediterranean, western Asia, or it's facing the biblical winds," said Mario Beatty, chair of the African American Studies Department at Chicago State University.


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A pseudo misconception plaguing the so-called cyber-conscious community is that Blacks (Africans) did not describe themselves as Black before slavery. Easily we observe peer-reviewed data examining the indigenous languages of Blacks that are linguistically dated before slavery.

Dogon Tommo So - estimated 3,000 YA -
Nubian Dongoalwi - estimated 1,000 YA -
Old Nubian - estimated 8th century to 15th Century

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Dr. Diop's comparative linguistic comparisons between the verb forms of Pharaonic Egyptian and Wolof was published from his 1977 text 'Parenté génétique de l'Egyptien pharaonique et des langues négro-africaine' pg 32-59 from the third chapter. This entire chapter is published in the Egyptological journal Ankh Revue. Here we will observe Dr. Diop's direct comparative demonstration of 'km' black and 'kmt' Black people with Wolof.

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