Financial Therapist Explains How Autophagy & Olive Leaf Extract Can Cure Top Killer's Of Black People

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As A Financial Therapist, I Overstand Enabling One To Become Financially Literate Is Not Enough, Health Is Most Vital Because Without Health You Won’t Be Around To Enjoy Wealth. Health Is Wealth Liter..


"Every cell in your body is eavesdropping on your thoughts and actions."

If I were to sum up life’s cycle for the average adult, it would go like this:

"Wo/man sacrifices their health in order to make money. Then as s/he sacrifices money to recuperate their health. And then s/he is so anxious about the future, s/he does not enjoy the present moment. As a result, s/he does not live in the present or the future, they live as if they’re never going to die. And then s/he dies having never truly lived."

Next to finances, the top agitator of stress is diet. Diet obviously is tied to what you eat, but it’s less focused on the effects it has on body performance. Stress literally attacks your heart, but most think heart attacks come suddenly.

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute did a paper in 2019 where they noted stress and finances increase heart risks for POADUS’ [People of Afrikan Descent (in the) United States] living in America—almost exclusively. As if living here isn’t stress enough, historically, we get hit hardest when it comes to disparities in finances and health… by design!

According to an article in, apparently economic anxiety is not a white thing. When asked to name the biggest concern facing POADUS families right now, 73% said economic issues:

    • Inflation topped the list of economic concerns with 32% citing rising prices of food, gas and the cost of living as their foremost problem.
    • Another 21% were worried about financial problems and even poverty.
    • Others ranked the overall economy, the stock market and housing issues as the largest concern they are facing. 

We’re more inclined to cite personal debt and health issues as our prime concern than racism or police brutality. What’s shocking is we didn’t name the justice system, racial disparities or crime.

It’s because we know these are things we cannot control, yet they dominate the minds of many of us. How’s one to win a fight we’re not even allowed to swing at? More-so, how does one fight so many at one time? This chaotic and intergenerational problem builds up and contributes to our mental, physical, and financial psyche.

A study by the National Library of Medicine showed in a sample of adult POADUS in community-based faith settings the percentage of those with hypertension (high blood pressure) was 64%, obesity 62%, high cholesterol 39%, and diabetes 23%.

Let’s be real, when greeting each with well wishes of good health, wishes have never been able to deliver. Those wishes are eliminated the moment you consume processed foods consisting of high sodium, sugars, bleached, and dairy-laced dishes. But it’s not just what you eat, the hidden destroyer is how you deal with stress.

As a Financial Therapist, I overstand enabling one to become financially literate is not enough, health is most vital because without health you won’t be around to enjoy wealth. Health is wealth literally, but the well(th) can’t be enjoyed without your health!

The Rat Race Psychosis of working your entire life with nothing to show but growing debt adds to the spiraling-down cycle of health ailments that result in high blood pressure.

Think about it. We work all day—mainly sitting or standing—with little to no exercise; we eat quick—often fast-food meals for lunch; come home to eat again—most times foods you desire that may not be the healthiest; then shut it down for the day only to do the same thing again tomorrow. This habit becomes weeks, months, and years of our adult life. All-the-while, the stresses of your job, coupled with the challenges of making ends meet in a world where the cost of living continually rises exceeding your rate of pay, chips away at your core… your heart!

Heart disease is the #1 killer with strokes as the leading cause. What’s more is it is most severe in POADUS' than whites. Due to the stresses of socioeconomic disparities earlier mentioned and adding judicial, educational, and governmental injustices, it develops in us earlier in life.

Stress manifests as hypertension which increases your risk of heart disease and stroke, and can cause permanent damage to the heart before you even notice any symptoms, that's why it is often referred to as the “silent killer”. And guess where it’s most prominent? Of all places in the world Black people live, the highest cases of high blood pressure reside in America.

When we think of death if it’s not sudden a terminally-ill fate awaits us with the body slowly and painfully shutting down. When we do take a moment to think how we’ll transition, we hope it’s something lightly pleasant like in our sleep, but it’s not often the case.

To be frank, you can’t be overweight with high blood pressure and diabetes and expect a peaceful transition.

If you want to go out pleasantly, train your body so it can. Too often we say “they had a heart attack” when actually, the heart didn’t attack the person, that person had been attacking their heart all along. The heart simply couldn’t take any more.

But this isn’t about death. It’s about a life-preserving hidden secret unbeknownst to the masses mainly because we’ve forgotten the ways of our Ances-Starz who knew the body is self-healing. All you need to do is give it what it needs: Autophagy and Olive Leaf Extract.

"How many miles would you have to run to lose 5 pounds? ANSWER: 81 miles. Why do that when you can lose those same pounds and more with a 3-day water fast!" — Heru Ofori-Atta, Founder & CEO,

Pronounced “ah-TAH-fah-gee”, Autophagy is your body's process of reusing old and damaged cell parts—a clean sweep if you will. Cells are the basic building blocks of every tissue and organ in your body. Each cell contains multiple parts that keep it functioning. Over time, these parts can become defective or stop working resulting in physical damages perhaps irreparable, even prematurely fatal.

Now go back and read the quote at the beginning of this piece. Your cells take direction from your actions; actions that are in deeds and thoughts.

To overstand health, we must see our body as a machine. One that works on auto 24/7-365 without a break, vacation, or tv timeout. Imagine running your car… indefinitely! Somewhere along the way the car needs maintenance and rest from wear and tear. Obviously cars are not designed for immeasurable usage. Eventually it will break down.

Our body’s however are designed to go much longer—as many as 65 years+ depending on your race and gender.

In order for the body to continue to perform, it needs adequate incremental times of recharge and rest, best done when sleeping. However, even sleep our bodies are not always at rest. Your body is most at rest when it is not processing food!

The body’s primary engine is the heart and the digestive system. The heart pumps blood filled with nutrients throughout, and these nutrients come mainly from foods broken down in our digestive system.

It’s estimated it takes eight hours to digest one meal. That means for a significant amount of time after eating, the stomach is at work breaking down what you just ate. This causes inflammation—or the heating up of the body. The body becomes reddened, swollen, hot, and eventually painful. Stomach aches, acid reflux, and ulcers are byproduct's. Excessive daily use of prolonged inflammation can lead to disease or dis-ease where the body is not in balance.

Many of us eat breakfast in the morning usually between the hours of 7-9am. If nothing else were eaten over the next eight hours, the digestive system will complete digesting this meal around 3-5pm. The problem is, most will eat again (lunch) by 1pm. This adds more hours to digestion—creating additional inflammation.

We then reach home and eat dinner around 8pm the body will spend the next 8 hours digesting finishing around 4am the next morning. 3 hours later, we’re eating breakfast again, and the cycle continues!

So let’s do the math. In 24 hours, there is no 8-hour window where your body isn’t hard at work digesting foods eaten throughout the day. You basically have just 3 hours of the body cooling down, reducing inflammation, and with rest, the body is able to begin repair. But how much repair can be done on an inflamed body that is hard at work 21 hours a day, everyday… for decades?! This is you driving that car indefinitely not worrying about it breaking down… until it does. You can then buy a new car, but can you buy a new body??

Let that sink in for a minute… Now review the health stats noted earlier. Living to eat is the main reason we lead in those categories. But here’s where it gets beautiful…this is a fight we can actually partake in, and even knock out!

A healthy lifestyle isn’t so much what you eat as it is how often you eat. We purposely aren’t taught the arts of intermittent fasting and Autophagy which are the hidden secrets to a full life.

After a 3-day water fast Autophagy—which is basically cellular cleansing—completely rebuilds your entire immune system anew! Done 3-4 times a year, 3-day water fasts kill abnormal and pre-cancerous cells enabling the body to renew your entire immune system and is the hidden gem in creating full and healthy lives.

The added bonus to naturally curing ailments like high-blood pressure, diabetes, tumors, cancers, on down to eczema—again leading health issues for POADUS—is Olive Leaf Extract!

Understand, before there were doctors, we practiced medicine with herbs. Actually, the Pharmacy came from the Farm!

Heru Ofori-Atta, Founder and CEO of and his amazing product, Olive Leaf Extract Super Strength Formula is the natural cure for high blood pressure, high blood sugar, kidney failure, viruses, bacteria, tumors, auto-immune disorders, low energy, parasites and worms.

Atta’s Olive Leaf Extract is a bitter supplement that increases insulin sensitivity reversing metabolic syndrome. Insulin resistance causes metabolic disorder, diabetes and high blood pressure to name a few. “You want to be insulin sensitive, not insulin resistant,” Atta states.

Taking 1 tbsp 3 times a day will lower your blood pressure in as quick as one week recalibrating your overall health by normalizing blood pressure, blood sugar, and kill bacterium, virus, or other microorganism’s that can cause disease. It also serves as the perfect aid during your water fasts enabling you to lose additional weight than what you’d lose with just the fast.

Atta’s product has changed the lives of many! View testimonials here:

Although I have no health ailments, I’ve been taking Olive Leaf Extract for nearly three months as of this writing. I started a few weeks before i did my first 3-day water fast this past September and lost 15 pounds since beginning, and 7 pounds after my water fast! I continue to take it every other day because preventative medicine is more important than looking for remedies once you’re sick!

As a result, my overall health is spiked up several levels as well as my energy aiding in enlightened inner-chi! My gut health is stellar and my digestive system gets 12+ hours rest and repair because I eat less than 2 meals a day, so I’m already intermittent fasting!

I luv this product so much I became an affiliate! Want to try this product, use this link:

I invite you to put your health in the hands to whom it belongs… YOU, not your doctor who only seeks to prescribe addicting and costly drugs that mask your real issues.

As a financial therapist, I realize health is wealth, but your well(th) starts with good health!

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Wishing you health and well(th)!


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