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AFRICA Must Change Its Name Fast. Here Is Why!

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Omubo Duabo
Omubo Duabo
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AFRICA Must Change Its Name Fast.
Here Is Why!
Khamithi Hiburu Ethics analysis concludes that the name or the term Africa as well as its pictorial presentation MUST BE Changed.
The term appears to be truly and totally adulterated, besmirched and imbued with a SPIRIT that is EVIL! On top of that, it is clear it was prearranged by foreigners.
Most African countries’ names and their sizes were drawn with full indifference to precise cultural and communal linkages.
Because of this Africa must change its name Fast.
But there is more. Are You an African?
What is the Real Name for Africa?
Who gave it that name?
Does It matter?
The Maps we see Do they represent truly the size of Africa?
Does it matter?
Find out the shocking truth.
One More Thing
the one thing you have to know is that Afruika was a word, not a name, and could be applied to wherever your Ka or spirit general being was born. thus we propose a NEW OLD Name For Afrika.
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