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He is Building the Biggest University in Africa!

29 Views· 11/24/22
Baka Omubo
Baka Omubo
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He is Building the Biggest University in Africa is another episode of my Made in Africa series where I feature black entrepreneurs from all across Africa who have built successful businesses. They tell us how they did it. Today's episode is about Adewale Yusuf who wants to solve Education for Africans with Alt School Africa. He shares his story about how he started his journey, challenges, and plans to give 10 million Africans employable skills in the next couple of years.

Checkout AltSchool website: https://www.altschoolafrica.com/
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To get a sponsorship: https://www.altschoolafrica.com/scholarship

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00:00 Intro
01:13 Welcome Tour
01:36 How he started
05:42 Starting Alt School
07:00 How Alt School works
09:59 Office Tour
12:17 Business Challenges
13:42 The future of education in Africa
14:44 Alt School Courses
15:19 Studio Tour
17:54 Thoughts on Africa
20:34 Parting words

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