Know Thyself, NOT in Greece First.

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Omubo Duabo
Omubo Duabo
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When you ask many people, who taught know thyself first, you will get thousands and thousands of answers pointing to European Greek Philosophers. Then they point to the temple of Delphi where they say it is etched on stone! In all Honest Who coined the phrase know thyself?
Does it Matter? What do you benefit from it?
Africans were already civilised to the highest point hundreds of millions of years before European ancestors crawled on the earth. Would such an advanced society fail to think Philosophically? Black people were the only literate and civilised people in antiquity. If you do not point such timelines to the Greeks and others, they will steal everything! "Know thyself" is an ancient African precept, from the Temple of Luxor actually Wazoti. It was appropriated by a number of pre-Socratic Greek writers, whose thinking was heavily influenced by Egyptian civilisation; and afterwards, most famously, adopted by Plato, in several of his Socratic dialogues. Over two thousand years this African precept was borrowed without acknowledgment is now said to be of Greek origins. Find the benefits of knowing thyself and Re-claim YOUR Heritage from cultural thieves, then use it to Actualize yourself and
Transcend yourself so as to UNLEASH Your Potential in Creativity and Full Living.
Here is How…. skeleton with scythe, the inscription "gnothi seauton"— know thyself—is in Greek.
Roman, circa 1st century.
Mena: this is a black Roman skeleton
Interestingly, the skeleton reclines very much like a Roman dinner guest

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