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Stolen African spiritual legacy

10 Views· 01/23/23
Kiatezua Lubanzadio Luyaluka

⁣This video shows that the truths of the Bible were stolen from Black
people. This fact was first revealed by the Kongo prophet Simon Kimbangu.

The late Egyptologist Kalala Omutunde also insisted on the fact that the
Romans plundered the library of Alexandria and burned it after having stolen
the contents. However, they didn't know that the same contents were inscribed
deep down in the tombs.

According to Pigafetta, the Portugueses on their arrival at the Kingdom
of Kongo burned the Holy Scriptures of the Kongo people on the ground that they
were about magic.

Today, thanks to the kemetic cosmological argument (KCA) discovered by
our academy Nzil'Alowa, the truths stolen and hidden from the Black is again available.
Divine science is demonstrated to be an exact science.

The scientificity of African traditional religion (ATR) revealed by the
KCA must be reestablished in all the trends of ATR. For, this science is a
powerful tool for the unification of the Black nation and for the defense of
the traditional science and technology bequeathed by our ancestors.

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