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Kiatezua Lubanzadio Luyaluka

⁣In this video we show the existence of two practices of African
traditional religion: the divine and the human.

The divine practice is based on the purification of thoughts. In this
practice the initiate aims to (1) become back the Child of God, an Osiris, he
has been prior to is original bad use of his God-given free will. (2) To
develop a power that will be perpetuated as a human power. (3) To fight
witchcraft through the means of divine Love.

In the human practice the power originally transmitted by the initiate
of the divine practice is used to organize, elevate, and protect society.

The power developed in the divine practice can be used only in good
ways, while the power used in the human practice can be used for good or for
evil purposes. The ancestors acting in the divine practice are those abiding in
the holy world symbolized by water (Bakulu ba maza), while the spirits acting
in the human practice are those animating nature (bakulu ba nseke).

These two practices must work in synergy in order to bring the progress
of Africa; hence, the necessity to understand their distinction and to bring
back the divine dimension in our different cultures.

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