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Yeza - God African (Lyric Video)

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T. Y. Adodo
T. Y. Adodo
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Yeza - God African (Lyric Video)

Stream/download: https://distrokid.com/hyperfol....low/yezasarangetti/g

Written by Yeza
Produced by Sarangetti Music
Co-Production by Yeza Music/Sarangetti Music
Mixed & Mastered by Rohan Dwyer
Recorded at Tuff Gong Studios c/o Oneil Smith
Videography by Vartex Studio
Dance Choreography by Shakira Richards & Yeza


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YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/YezaMusic
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Long time we a call pon them savior
Spiritual war, that a danger
Black like tar anuh caveman, ancestors nah par with nuh stranger
When wi full up a d powers anuh ranger
Ride a stallion like I’m Yennenga, say the Congo worth 24 trillion
Welcome to the Rich generation; Hold on!
Wha-happen to the bloody diamonds and the Coltan
Sierra Leone nuh get nuh money for the platinum
Shaka Zulu army full a bare bad man so them fi know
Them should a never dis the program
Africa for Africans that a mi slogan
Asantewaa stand up ina me like a soldier
Them have the Rasta youth stand up ina devotion
And a gwaan like say them a d better portion

Oh no no no no, we nuh Roll so no no no
Kingston to Westmoreland, a the same bad African
Oh no no no no we nuh laugh and run them jokes
Accra to London town a d same bad one.

Wu kum apem a, apem beba and if a five thousand fall, million a gather
Long time we fi gone but we still deya
Peter kya come a my land that a never never
King Shango hear the bass ina the sky and the thunder
And the Cuban a beat pon d Conga
Revolution time weh them a run go
Big Olmec head ina them jungle
Broad nose black face like me uncle
And them still a teach the pickney bout Columbus
Ask Indiana Jones him still a mumble, real dutty bungle
Minefield ina the West so watch the beast and mind yuh fall
Everything a decorate like carnival, African a run them place like waterfall
Check the walls ina Benin bout China Wall.

Oh no no no no, we nuh Roll so no no no
Nairobi to Jamdung, a the same bad African
Oh no no no no we nuh laugh and run them jokes
St. Georges to Bridgetown a d same bad one.

Well spiritual, channeling the medium
Them a sing about sweetheart voice full up a Helium
Warriors a train hard for d Armageddon,
Them a run like Racers Track Club ina stadium
Ancestors speak through me , flow tight cause the ancestors
Bleed through me.

Knowledge of myself me power deep rooted
See say me a Goddess and a real truth
That’s why me pick up on the energies the universe empower me
Showers a blessings hourly them beast cannot devour me
Rebel no apology them politics nuh govern me
Lawd God know me pre like the soldiers, a Empress thing
Respect thing, love is what we’re requesting from them system
But you nago impress we with incentives
None a we nuh interested or invested no no

Oh no no no no, we nuh Roll so no no no
Europe to Africa, a the same bad African

God African - Message from Yeza

“God African” is a reminder of African greatness, natural wealth and abundance! God African is a musical reminder that the often-negative images pushed about Africa and Africans in the media and elsewhere are just a part of our social programming. This is my historical and contemporary appreciation of Africans ‘a yard and abroad’ over a 3-minute track. People of African descent need not separate themselves from continental Africans, we are often faced with similar judgments and problems.

“Bad African” as the chorus says is using lemons to make lemonade:

Owning the stereotype of ‘no good Africans’ while simultaneously showing that it is through this same “badness” that we’ve created legacies, this is a power move in my eyes. From regality to freedom from slavery and emancipation, “Bad” is always relative to who is perceiving it.

Revolution against slavery during the period of enslavement was the greatest crime, everyone should remember this. Importantly, before any of this we the “Africans” are the original faces of Wealth and civilization across the world, let this be known through “God African” I am just the messenger.

#yeza #godafrican #lyricvideo

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