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You Don't Know Black History Until You've Read 'Who IZ the Boulé?

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MBwebe Ishangi
MBwebe Ishangi
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⁣You Don't Know Black History Until You've Read 'Who IZ the Boulé?: The History of America's First Black Fraternity and the Derailment Toward Afrikan Self-Reliance'

In the spirit of Black History Month, we must not only celebrate the accomplishments of our people, but also the obstacles that's made inequality still relevant today so that we may not repeat the same mistakes.

As we trod forward for ensuing generations, this means activating your critical 3rd eye asking the most important question: “Why is it taking so long for Black people to progress?"

If we are to truly be free, there must be some internal house cleaning. What you'll find at the top of the chain is America's first Black Fraternity, Sigma Pi Phi aka the Boulé.

If you haven't read this book, YOU SHOULD! And if you've already read it, consider hearing the audiobook version or even gifting a copy for someone you know needs to know!

Why is this book so important to our history? Read here: http://daghettotymz.com/rkyvz/....articles/bouleseries

Get your copy in paperback, audiobook, or eBook at daghettotymz.com

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