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Anti-African Spirit

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Baka Omubo
Baka Omubo
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An Anti-African spirit will control your thinking to belong to a Group, groups or self-delusion that eventually DESTROY YOUR African Spirit. You ask Can thoughts change the course of events and change our reality? It is possible to get a different reality from what we are, if we start to change the way we think. If you follow Groups that causes You to nurse dominating thoughts that hate your natural given race-based culture, religion and spirituality you have an anti-African mentality. Which groups? They include among many…Political parties, Religious Groups, Economic ideologies like capitalism all give false Hope and champion foreign ideologies…they are anti-AFRIKan
Religious Groups like-Catholics, Christianity, Islamic groups, even the Nation of Islam are not promoting a purely African Spirituality. We include Hebrew Israelite religion, Majority of Thinkers, Modern Educators and many other groups. Beware of gurus like…. Sadhguru. If You do not reverence your righteous ancestors and call upon the Divinities You are operating under the possession of an anti Afrikan spirit. You are a disgrace to yourself, to nature, righteous ancestors and Divinities. We need to exorcize this anti-African spirit daily. HOW? By knowing that African spirituality refers to the religious and philosophical beliefs and practices of the African people. It is a unique and diverse system of beliefs that is rooted in African history, religion, and culture. The practice of African spirituality encompasses various aspects of life, including birth, death, and the afterlife. It is an integral part of the African heritage and has a profound impact on the African continent and its people. One of the most significant aspects of African spirituality is the concept of the color bar. This term refers to the segregationist policies that were implemented by anti-African groups during apartheid in South Africa. These policies aimed to restrict the movements and rights of African people, and they had a profound impact on the development of African spirituality. Despite the efforts of these anti-African groups, African spirituality has managed to endure and flourish, and it continues to be an important part of the African heritage.
African spirituality is also deeply connected to the African history of slavery and the slave trade. The slave trade was one of the most brutal and inhumane practices in human history, and it had a profound impact on the African people. Despite the efforts of slave traders to suppress African spirituality, the African people were able to maintain their cultural and spiritual traditions through their music, art, and other forms of expression. African spirituality is characterized by its focus on the spirit and the connection between the individual and the divine. The concept of the holy spirit is central to African spirituality, and it is believed that the spirit is present in all things, including nature, animals, and people. This belief is reflected in the traditional African spiritual practices, which focus on connecting with the spirit and seeking guidance from the divine.
One of the key aspects of African spirituality is the concept of night spirit, which is believed to be the time when the spirits of the dead are able to communicate with the living. African spirituality also places a strong emphasis on the importance of ancestors and their role in guiding and protecting the living. This belief is reflected in the traditional African spiritual practices, which often involve communing with the ancestors and seeking their guidance.
Whether you are an African or someone interested in learning about African spirituality, exploring this rich cultural tradition is a rewarding and enlightening experience. It is the major goal of this post.
You must Know the impact of belonging to any Group. This is the first and primary antidote. There is a deadly anti-African Spirit that may end up destroying billions of Africans on earth. You can block it and develop POWER and wisdom in your Soul. Amen!
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