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Black History Month - Afrikan-Centered or Perish!

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MBwebe Ishangi
MBwebe Ishangi
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⁣As we begin Black History Month, this should not just be a reflection on how dope we are… it should also be a call to what Our-story will be moving forward.

It’s more than learning about our past, more than remembering our Ances-Starz, it’s about making sure when we transition, we’re spoken in the same if not higher regard.

Dr. John Henrik Clarke’s last messages to us was “Pan-African or Perish” where he spoke of our need to realize “we all we got!” We can see this today as the ideology of white superiority and eugenics seeks to continually downplay our contributions to the world; the latest the canceling of Critical Race Theory (CRT) being taught in schools—Florida just banned it.

We truly are all we got and until we realize this on a national—and better—GLOBAL scale, our future will continue to be just a celebration of what we “did”, not what we’re going to do!

Let’s move beyond the “know" and dwell in the “do”. Our Ances-Starz did what was necessary to sustain/survive. It’s time those who’ve read and memorized enough about our culture and our S/Hero’s, become them ourselves!

If not, you’re not serious about surviving, I’m Sirius B! Ain’t no mystery god gonna save us; our Ances-Starz won’t either if we don’t help ourselves!

On the most basic of levels, you should:

- Have a “Go Bag" filled with essentials in case you just gotta go with no time to pack. Dry food edibles, water, knives (use for defense, building or cooking), small shovel, seeds (for growing or bartering), light camp gear, electric lighter and flashlight (@CitricsRenewables), several pairs of socks, and durable shoes just for starts.

- Store seeds and know how to plant food. No matter the size of your living space, learn! If you allow someone to feed you, you also allow them to starve you!

- Build up your cardio in case you have to run or walk miles to safety. It also keeps your heart strong.

- Teas, aspirin, first-aid kit, lotions. Also learn about plants so you can actually find remedies without going to Walgreens or Walmart. Remember, the Pharmacy started on the Farm!

- Lastly, let me help you get financially fit @Cryptowoke! You can’t fund any kind of sustainability if you don’t know have the money to pay for it or have it growing passively without you having to work!

Being Afrikan is more than about a month, it’s a lifestyle!

PLAN IT, then PLANT IT for the PLANET! ✊🏿❤️🖤💚
#AfrikanHistory365 #AfrikanSustainability

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Kwadwo Tòkunbọ̀
Kwadwo Tòkunbọ̀ 8 months ago

Appreciate this post!

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