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Brown Live Gold - The Black Soldier Fly Agripreneur

35 Views· 09/03/21
Ambakisye-Okang Dukuzumurenyi

She calls them #BrownLiveGold !! meet Roseanne Mwangi, a serial agri-preneur catching the early worms with her Black soldier fly venture. She believes in creating a sustainable and circular economy.

Here is how she does it..….She processes cut potatoes’ for the hotel industry -- The peelings are used as feed for the black soldier fly--- The fly larvae are rich in protein which she uses to feed her pigs and can feed poultry and fish---The waste from the larvae feed becomes organic manure for our farms. ... and how could I forget. The Pork, Fish, and poultry land on your plate!!!
How more circular can one get? Bravo!

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