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Ogbunigwe_ The Scientific Wonder of the Nigeria-Biafra War

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Karuga Mwangi
Karuga Mwangi
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⁣Ogbunigwe, the deadly mass destruction missile that made the Nigerian federal troops jittery, was a product of the scientific feat of the breakaway nation of Biafra. It was, allegedly, the first technology to be wholly designed, developed, mass-produced, and launched in Africa.

It was used in combat during the Nigeria-Biafra War (1967-1970) and at the height of production, about 500 units were being produced every day in Biafra. #HistoryVille #Ogbunigwe

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00:00 Intro

00:37 How Ogbunigwe was invented

01:40 How Biafra used the Ogbunigwe

03:30 The 1968 Abagana Ambush

05:06 Ogbunigwe: An effective Biafran Weapon

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KwabenaOforiOsei 11 months ago

This let me know that Kmtwy/Black people can design and produce their own military weapons if we really wanted to. We don’t need to be importing 2nd hand military weaponry into KMT/Africa.

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Karuga Mwangi
Karuga Mwangi 11 months ago


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