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Pan Africanism and Decolonization of Africa

56 Views· 03/20/22
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Join us in the fourth episode of the African History Month Conference as we dive deeper into Pan Africanism and Decolonization of Africa.
Its clear that even after many African countries attaining political independence ,they lack economic independence coupled with increasing foreign interference in African affairs by western powers most of whom divided Africa amongst themselves during the Berlin Conference 1885-1886
The Berlin Conference: Regulated the partitioning of Africa among fourteen European countries and the United States. Scramble for Africa: The period between 1885 and 1910, during which European countries were competing for control of Africa's territories motivated by the desire to insatiable hunger for Africa's natural wealth.
We are extremely honored to host exciting panelists and guests in this event!
What do you understand by the term ''Pan Africanism "' and Decolonization of Africa?''
#AfricanHistoryMonth #AHM #UnitedStatesOfAfrica

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