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Steve Cokely's Last Interview

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Kwadwo Tòkunbọ̀
Kwadwo Tòkunbọ̀
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From Black Angel Media - Steve Cokely was my introduction into consciousness. I don't know how i first recieved his information but when i was in my youth i used to have these cassette tapes (showing my age..lol)...But the things he was saying on these cassettes totally blew me away..
Anyway being the inquisitive kid that i was i wanted to share this information with my friends...we'll you know how that turned out, i was officially the weird kid. Years later i would be reintroduced to brother steve and i haven't strayed from the foundation he laid all those years ago...He will be sorely missed

Steve Cokely died on April 11, 2012. Steve was born June 17, 1952, and was the father of 3 children. Steve Cokely is a political researcher and lecturer who has lectured nationally on political and economic issues especially as they relate to the Black community.
Cokely has given over 5,000 lectures in the past decade alone on the topic of global warming and corporate conspiracies, The Trilateral Commission, The Bilderberg Group, Rothchilds, Rockefellers,Boule etc. Cokely's research delves into the history of Marcus Garvey, the Black Panthers and other areas of African-American history. Cokely has lectured at many college campuses nationally and is also known for his conspiracy theories involving the Black Male elite organization known as the Sigma Pi Phi and the Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr by the hands of Rev.Jesse Jackson and the C.I.A.

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