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Why we are moving to South Africa part 2

15 Views· 21 May 2022
Sudan Ndugu
Sudan Ndugu
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#movingtosouthafrica #movingtojohannesburg #Africanamericansinsouthafrica

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NsibidiScribe 2 months ago

African inspired. Thank you young Africans. I am old but I am not far behind you. Been to Ghana and I am going back. America (A-Meri-Ka) = "Not a Soul of Love" offends me. God said in Revelation: "Come out of Babylon my people, so you will not take part in her punishment." I am going to obey and a leave this demon Setian infested nation that celebrates being lewd, rude, and crude. They will never stop killing our people. We need to stop telling the white man "Let My People Go." We need to start telling our people "Let Pharaoh Go!" Thank you for the joy you express in leaving the U.S.E. (United State Empire) and going to the U.S.A. (the coming United States of Africa). As one frustrated black man said "ANY WHERE BUT HERE!" DSM.

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KwabenaOforiOsei 3 months ago

Our white brothers and sisters!!!
Our white allies!!!
“We have no friends.”- Seba Nana John Henrik Clark

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Sudan Ndugu
Sudan Ndugu 2 months ago

indeed, but sadly, a lot of us don't know this fact.

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