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Dr. Paul Goss, founder and president of New Body Products, was the 8th child of 10 born
to Sam and Annie Goss in Canton, Georgia. He grew up in a small company town - Alcoa,
Tennessee. There, he received the basis for an international education. Not in the poorly
funded, segregated school, but from two of his neighborhood’s African elders.
Mitchell, known as the “Root Doctor”, and Ms. Bellamy, known to some as “The Herb
Lady”. They were the local “root workers”. They knew the healing value of herbs and
plants and how to prepare them as cures. His interest in holistic cures took off when the
Root Doctor and the Herb Lady nurtured Paul’s potential and began instructing him in
ancient cures that they learned in the same way.
Always a leader, Paul was one of the first lifeguards at the newly built “public”, segregated
swimming pool. He finished Charles M. Hall High School and continued his education at
historic Stillman College in Alabama. Unusual to say the least, for a young black man of
modest beginnings, he went on to become an organic chemist for a large corporation.
Paul was a modern day Imhotep, succeeding at everything he tried. To name a few, he was
a carpenter, a woodworker, a farmer, an alchemist, a mental therapist, an author, a
community activist, a traveler, an innovator, an inventor, a musician, a champion swimmer,
an award winning basketball player, an excellent baseball player, a business consultant and
a practical joker. Largely through self study, he continued to increase his knowledge in
holistic healing. Building on his apprenticeships to “Doc” Mitchell and Ms. Bellamy, he
honed his skills as a holistic health practitioner.
By 1965, he had begun to share his largely self-taught knowledge of herbs and holistic
healing with a growing number of clients. In 1976, he established New Body Products in
Compton, California. Using iridology for diagnosis along with herbal remedies and raw
food diets for treatment, Dr. Goss helped people achieve the new body they needed or
wanted through his unique application of the ancient art of holistic healing.
Dr. Goss has lectured on holistic topics in nearly every US state and 17 foreign countries
including Mexico, Jamaica, Ghana and England. He has written four books, “Forever
Young”, “The Natural Way”, “The Rebirth of Gods”, and “The Eyes of Forever Young”
and his books continue to be widely used by lay persons as well as in many institutions of
higher learning. He developed 2 holistic health resorts - one in North Carolina and EDEN
in Arizona.
Dr. Paul Goss leaves an amazing legacy in alternative healing, serving over 50,000 clients
and teaching thousands of students over the past 60 years. Highly respected among his
colleagues, He has focused his efforts on the Black and Latinx communities around the
United States and the world.
The Goss Corporation has been a pillar in the Compton community since its inception, providing jobs, business opportunities, health and healing to a community that has been plagued with under employment, a lack of investment and inadequate health services.

Today, New Body Products are used by millions and are distributed by hundreds of experienced holistic practitioners, as well as lay people, all over the world. On August 1st, 2021 life ended as we know it for Dr. Goss, leaving us with an amazing legacy of health and healing from the wisdom and knowledge of the ages.

He is preceded in death by his parents, Sam and Annie Maude Goss; his son, Vada Goss; his sisters, Anna Maude Goss and Mary Parker; his brothers, Eugene and Nathaniel Goss and his granddaughter Sahar Yazid(Peanut Butter). Still embracing and developing the business that they built together is his wife, Alzonia Goss of White Oak, North Carolina His village, still with us, showing with their living how Paul touched their lives are his sister, Nettie Thigpen (Net) of Moreno Valley, California;
brothers Frank Goss of Ehrenburg, Arizona; Matthew(Matt) Goss of Red Lodge, Montana; Herbert Goss of Alcoa, Tennessee; Ernest Goss of Smyrna, Tennessee; daughters Sharita Yazid of Ghana and Paulnetta S. Goss-Council(Patrick) of Bellflower, California; his sons Paul Goss Jr. (DeEtte) of Lancaster, California and Dwight Goss (Leola) of Los
Angeles, California; as well as 2 step-sons, 11 grandchildren, 8 great grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins, friends, professional colleagues, students, New Body Products Customers, Staff, Distributors, Managers, and Stockholders. You may count yourself in more than one of these groups. May we all continue to pull together. HARAMBE!*
*Swahili for All pull together!

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