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The new BLACK HOLE image explained by an ASTROPHYSICIST | Your questions answered

10 Views· 17 May 2022
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The Event Horizon Telescope collaboration just released the first ever image of the Milky Way’s supermassive black hole (the same group that took the first ever image of a black hole in 2019 - the one in the centre of the Messier 87 galaxy). What do we learn from this image? Why is it orange? Why is it different to the M87 image? Why is it blurry? And can we observe the same thing with the James Webb Space Telescope?

Why yes this was filmed and edited in a single day. Thanks for noticing. Yes I am exhausted.

Read more about the newly released image here from @ESOobservatory: https://www.eso.org/public/news/eso2208-eht-mw/

Event Horizon Telescope collaboration (2022; Paper I) - https://iopscience.iop.org/art....icle/10.3847/2041-82
The plan to observe the galactic centre with JWST - https://www.stsci.edu/jwst/phase2-public/1939.pdf
TED talk on how computer algorithm to fill in the gaps works from Katie Bouman - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIvezCVcsYs

00:00 - Introduction
01:04 - How do we take images like this?
03:37 - How does this compare to the M87* image?
05:51 - Why is the image blurred?
08:30 - Why is it orange?
09:53 - What are the 3 bright blobs?
11:29 - What angle are we seeing this from?
17:07 - Will we observe this with JWST?
19:10 - Outro
19:36 - Bloopers


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KwabenaOforiOsei 3 months ago

This is what Kwame Nkrumah University Science and Technology (and all Black/Km Science and Technology universities and colleges) should be explaining to us (Abibifo/Kmtwy); but instead they are graduating our students in religion, social sciences, liberal sciences.

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