The Suit (Anansi Masters)

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The Suit

The storyteller
Nana Ampadu, storyteller, musician, jury member of Ghanaian storytelling competitions
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Duration: 8 min
Copyright video recording: © Stichting Vista Far Reaching Visuals

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The Anansi Masters project is a digital platform developed by Vista Far Reaching Visuals and partners. At the website you can find information about the story character of Anansi or Nanzi and especially many stories. The stories originated in Africa and were exported to other parts of the world through slave trade and migration where they developed independently. In Anansi Masters, the similarities and differences between the stories and storytellers can be found. Anansi Masters initiates different activities all over the world where stories from this oral tradition can be found. Anansi Masters collaborates with writers, theatre makers, filmmakers, researchers, schools and of course with many many storytellers. Discover all the results on the Anansi Masters website!


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