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Wisdom isn't found in one person (Anansi Storytelling)

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Wisdom isn't found in one person
Anansi shows God how a lie can be more hurtful than a wound. God realizes that wisdom cannot be found in one person. He rewards Anansi by naming all stories Anansi stories.

The storyteller
Kwame Sakyi
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Wisdom isn't found in one person (Twi)
Once upon if time God lived in his cottage. The name of the cottage was: There's no one besides me. Kwaku Anansi also lived in a cottage not so far away from him. The name of his cottage was: Wisdom isn't found in one person. They became good friends. One day kwaku Anansi asked God: 'What is more painful: the incision of Tribal marks or to be falsely accused of something?' God answered that a blade would cut your flesh, but when you are falsely accused of something you could just walk away and deny it. One day Kwaku Anansi went to God's cottage and relieved himselve on the stove. The next morning God's mother-in-law found the mess and was shocked and told everybody in the village. Meanwhile Kwaku Anansi hired the Rat to digg a tunnel to the room where God kept his talking drums. That same day the drums started talking and saying that God had done the deed. God couldn't bare the false accusations and wanted to kill himself. Kwaku Anansi reminded him of their conversation and God realised that false accusations could be as painful as the incisions of tribal marks. God now understood why Kwaku Anansi had named his cottage: Wisdom isn't found in one person. And from then on assigned all stories to his name. That is how all stories became Anansie stories.
Story type: Verhaal

Duration: 7'50
Keywords: wisdom; pain; story; stories; Ananse story; lie; God; Ananse; gossip; Anansi; name; gossip; lie; trick
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