When in doubt, don't hesitate to ask (Anansi Storytelling)

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When in doubt, don't hesitate to ask
When something is not clear, you should go back and listen again.

The storyteller
Noah Mensah Konkorn
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When in doubt, don't hesitate to ask (Twi)
Once upon of time, God asked: 'Who could go to the devil and bring certain things from him?' But he wouldn't say what those things were. Nobody came forward except Kwaku Anansi. He went on his way, but had not been told what to collect. He went to a flock of birds to reason with them. He asked the birds to give him one feather each, and that he would reward them for them later. They granted him his request. He put on the feathers and Anansi became a beautiful bird. He flew back to the tree where God always sat and overheard him say that what he wanted form the devil were his sandals and staff. As soon as Anansi heard this he went on his way to the devil. The devil gave him a place to rest when he arrived. Anansi asked the devil for his staff to kill the big mosquitoes and asked him for his sandals so they wouldn't bit him in his feet. The devil gave him what he requested and as soon as he left, Anansi ran away. God asked him how he had known what to bring back. Anansi asked him about the beautiful bird and God replied he didn't know its name. Anansi answered: 'His name is: If something isn't clear, go back and listen again.'
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Keywords: devil; sandals; God; instructions; mosquito; Anansi; staff; birds
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