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Iconografía y Ritual: Simbolismo Africano y Ritual en Cristianidad (English and Español)

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Omubo Duabo
Omubo Duabo
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Iconography and ritual: African symbolism and ritual in Christianity

Nubia Wardford-Polk, will talk about how the ancient spiritual systems of Kemet is the basis of what is known as Christianity today. In the photo the Sacred Ancient Nile Trinity.

Iconografía y ritual: simbolismo africano y ritual en el cristianismo.

Conferencista: Nubia Wardford-Polk, M.A.


NUBIA WARDFORD-POLK, M.A., Anthropologist / Cultural Scientist (Archaeologist)
Nubia Wardford-Polk holds an M.A in Historical Archaeology specializing in Archaeology of the African world, Historic, and Prehistoric worlds. Her involvement and primary research in archaeology, anthropology, and historical research resulted in conclusions regarding the importance of the Ancient Kushite/Merolitic (Ancient Sudan) civilization which predates Egypt.

Nubian Archaeological Project

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